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5 Tips to Help You Vape and Travel Without a Problem - Our Guide

Many people love vaping, and even more love travelling. If you love both vaping and travelling, you may have considered bringing your vaping hobby along with you on your trips. Unfortunately, pairing those two hobbies together can be a recipe for disaster, but only if you are unprepared.

You may find your batteries confiscated at the airport, leaving your vapes powerless, or find that your vape pod has spilt juice everywhere after your flight. For that reason, being prepared will ensure that you can vape without worry on your travels.  

Here are some tips to help you vape and travel without a problem!

1. Check whether it is legal

The first thing you should check for is the rules regarding vaping in your destination country. While some countries welcome it without any issues, others do not. For example, you may be fined for vaping or even find yourself in jail. Some countries also ban the sale of nicotine products. You can bring your e-liquids to these places, but you will not be able to buy more.

2. Check airline safety rules 

Whichever airline you plan to fly with, there will always be safety rules you need to comply with. For example, some airlines will require you to carry your batteries in your carry-on, while most, if not all, airlines do not allow lithium-ion batteries on board. With that in mind, many big airlines have rules and regulations specific for vaping, so be sure to check out their website to learn more. 

3. Empty the tank before flying

When you fly, the pressure in the plane changes. This can cause air to seep into your vape pod or tank and possibly cause a leak. For that reason, remember to separate your pods from your batteries first and put them in a plastic bag or empty your vape tank before flying. That way, you will not have to deal with a mess or, at least, limit it to just the plastic bag. 

4. Store your vapes in your carry-on 

In many cases, you will have to carry your vape devices on your carry-on luggage. It contains a battery that should be on your carry-on in the first place, as there are safety concerns regarding storing them with other luggage. Once again, check with the airline for their rules regarding this topic.

5. Place your batteries in a metal-free container 

When batteries come into contact with another metal object, it can create sparks and even lead to a fire or explosion. Whether you plan to travel by air, land, or sea, remember to separate your batteries from other metal objects. The best way you can store them is in plastic bags, but you can also wrap them with tape for added safety.


Keep these tips in mind before you travel with your vapes. Doing so will ensure you will not run into unnecessary trouble that can ruin your travelling and vaping experience. With that said, there are various other tips you might also want to keep in mind. For instance, storing your e-liquids along with other liquids makes security checks easier and faster, making going through airport security less of a hassle.

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