The Weather's Impact on Your Vaping Sessions - What to Know -

The Weather's Impact on Your Vaping Sessions - What to Know

As a vape enthusiast, there’s nothing more fulfilling than having an optimal vaping experience with each session. Whether trying different accessories or exploring various flavours, you must take good care of your devices, juices, and other related parts to ensure pleasurable sessions.

However, keep in mind that certain conditions can compromise your vaping adventure. The chances are that exposure to extreme heat or coldness causes the vape juice to get spoiled, the battery to overheat, or the device itself to become deteriorated. Only during such situations will you realise that various weather conditions’ impact on your experience.

In this article, we will share how the weather affects your vaping so that you’ll know what to do and prepare before you purchase e-liquid products and devices from an online vape shop:

1. During the summer

  • E-juice spoilage: Keep in mind that your e-juice can easily get spoiled when exposed to direct sunlight or heat. The chances are that it gets oxidised, leaving some chemical properties evaporated, separated, or disturned. As a result, you’ll be greeted with an unpleasant taste in your mouth when you take a hit.
  • Overheating device: Your vape device, battery, and other accessories must never get exposed to high temperatures. Even putting them inside your car during summer is a bad idea. You don’t know how they might get overheated and eventually explode.
  • Easily drained battery: If the weather is hot, your battery will need to work harder. As a result, it’s relatively quick for it to run out of power. The chances are that you have to charge it regularly, especially if you love to vape all day.

2. During the winter

  • Possible condensation: This happens when water gets collected as droplets on cold surfaces after coming in contact with humid air. If you leave your device unattended for a while, these droplets might settle outside or even inside the device. The least you will want to happen is for it not to work due to condensation.
  • Pod leaks: These are potential issues arising for those using pod mods. They all happen more during winter due to the extremely cold temperature. Keep in mind that leaking might short circuit your battery and leave your device inoperable.
  • Less battery capacity: Your vape battery won’t work as efficiently as it normally does during the cold season. In fact, its capacity is only about 70 per cent in the winter, so it’s best to store it in a warm environment and keep it insulated when not in use.
  • Thick cloud formation: Expect your cloud formation to be thicker than usual during the winter season, because the vapour coming out instantly gets condensed in the cold air. It also takes longer to dissipate, so be wary of vaping in crowded places or confined spaces.


At this point, you now have a better idea of how the weather affects your vaping. During summer, it can potentially lead to spoilage, overheating, and drained batteries. On the other hand, it can cause condensation, pod leaks, less battery capacity, and thick cloud formation in the winter.

For this reason, there’s no better way to approach all these circumstances than to prepare for the warm or cold season. Make sure that you protect your vape device, battery, accessories, and e-liquid from the harsh elements through proper storage to prevent their deterioration, helping you get an optimal vaping experience!

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