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6 Benefits of Glass Vape Tanks that Make Them Worth It

One of the biggest frustrations of vapers is when a session doesn’t go well. There are many reasons for this, but one could be because of the build of the device. This is why a lot of vapers are switching from plastic tanks to glass tanks. Despite a more expensive price tag, glass tanks seem to be a better choice over plastic ones. Even if it’s made of glass material, its advantages still outweigh the convenience plastic tanks bring.

So, what makes glass tanks worth their price?

1. It’s Safer Than Plastic Tanks

Sure—glass tanks may be more expensive and a bit on the impractical side compared to a plastic tank, but they are way better when it comes to safety. Plastic has a corrosive factor, and some contain BPA and phthalates that can be dangerous to health.

2. It Promotes Juice Transparency

One of the best things about using a glass tank is that you can clearly see your juice levels; therefore, you will be able to know when you need to refill it. You never have to worry about running dry when vaping with a glass tank.

3. It’s Made of Premium Material

Plastic is generally known to be a cheap material. While a plastic tank can “get the job done,” there’s something to be said about the premium feel of high-quality glass. If you value workmanship and build quality, then glass tanks are simply the superior choice.

4. It Will Not Corrode

While a glass tank might shatter if you drop it, it will last much longer than its plastic counterpart if you take care of it. As mentioned earlier, glass is highly resistant to corrosion, which means that it can withstand the usually high acidity levels found in e-juice. It’s also much easier to clean and less likely to stain over time.

5. It’s Safe To Use With Any Kind of Juice

As mentioned, e-juices with high levels of acidity can’t break a glass tank. You’ll be able to enjoy any of your favourite e-juice brands without worry.

6. It Looks Good

Glass tanks, compared to other tanks, look more aesthetically pleasing. If the look of your vaping device is one of your biggest concerns, then a glass tank will serve you well.


Enjoying a pleasurable vaping session entails making the most out of the experience. Not only do you have to concern yourself with choosing the right e-juice and using the proper technique, but you also need to get yourself a good glass tank.

If you find that the vapour your device produces is unsatisfactory, the tank may have something to do with it. This is why a lot of vapers are making the switch from plastic to glass tanks.

Although the price is one of the biggest concerns of vapers, glass tanks are definitely worth the price. The benefits listed above are proof of that.

So if you want to boost your vaping sessions, why not replace your tank? It might just surprise you.

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