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6 Compelling Reasons to Switch to an Online Vape Shop

There are plenty of reasons you might prefer a brick-and-mortar vape shop over an online store. For one thing, a physical location makes face-to-face interactions possible, allowing you to maintain relationships with the staff and the owner. It also lets you closely inspect the products before committing to a purchase

That being said, switching to an online vape shop comes with plenty of advantages that are difficult to overlook. While you end up missing out on shop talk with your local purveyor of vape-related goods, you are getting a few things in return. Here are just a few examples:

1. It’s incredibly convenient.

Modern technology now allows us to go through the entire process of shopping without ever having to get up from our own chairs. All the vape products you might need are just a few taps and swipes on your phone away.

There is no need for you to get up, get dressed, and leave the house. You could have bought yourself an impressive new vape kit before you’ve even gotten out of bed. All that time and money spent travelling can now be redirected elsewhere.

To make things even easier, a lot of online vape stores are designed specifically with easy search and navigation features that can connect you with whatever you need quickly and easily.

2. Online vape shops have better customer service.

The internet can be a savage and unforgiving place for a retailer. Just a single bad review can lower a rating, and cost an online store hundreds of sales.

As such, online stores often go to great lengths in customer service to preserve their digital reputation.

After all, it is easy for customers to follow a link to another store and buy what they need. An online vape shop, therefore, has to provide a unique and competitive experience to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

3. There’s no purchase pressure at an online vape shop.

One of the most common sales techniques of brick-and-mortar stores is to let the customer hold and get a feel of a product in their hands because, statistically speaking, this has a higher chance of resulting in a sale.

This same tactic, however, can lead to customers feeling pressured into making a purchase, preventing them from making a good decision that might cause them to regret their actions later on. None of these problems exist in an online store. 

This can allow you more time to make your decision about certain products without worrying about the guilt of not buying from an enthusiastic sales representative.

4. Research and comparison are easier.

Consumer reviews can reveal much about a product that isn’t advertised, such as the quality of its usage over time. You won’t have the access to such reviews in a brick-and-mortar store like you would in an online store.

If you’re deciding between two different vape kits, for example, most websites worth their salt provide options that let you compare products and features directly from the convenience of your own home.

5. There’s a wider range of products, and they’re usually cheaper.

Because most online vape stores don’t have to invest in customer spaces, they can redirect more of their resources to warehouse storage and shipping instead. This results in better stocking and a wider range of products—more vape juice flavours, more vape kits, more vape everything!

The greater storage also allows for buying in bulk at better prices, translating to better prices and deals for the consumer. Simply put, the value-for-money from an online vape shop is better overall.

6. Online vape shops aren’t limited by location

A physical retailer can’t follow you on your move to a different location; an online vape store doesn’t care where you are. Without moving to a new country, the same online store can deliver all your favourite products right to your new doorstep.

It’s as easy as typing new shipping and billing details, just as everything else about an online vape shop is.


Overall, there are few cons to giving your money and patronage to an online vape shop—especially if the service can be just as good, if not better, than a physical store. Not only are the options more diverse, but they’re also likelier to be cheaper and vetted by a strict and unforgiving online community.

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