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A Quick Guide on Shortfill E-Liquid and How to Use It

People who have started to quit smoking but find themselves unable to turn to vaping as a viable second option. After all, vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking cigarettes. When vaping, regular e-liquid is not the only option. Interestingly, you can also use shortfill e-liquid.

But what is shortfill e-liquid? How is it different from the regular e-liquid? In this article, learn more about shortfill e-liquids and how you can use them for your next vaping session.

What Is Shortfill E-liquid?

Shortfill e-liquid is not a new type of witch e-liquid. It's simply a term for e-liquid that does not contain a nicotine base. It's a standard way for the e-liquid manufacturers to extend the e-liquid into a bigger bottle. 

The name “shortfill” refers to a small bottle filled with a nicotine base. This is the ideal way to go when you're trying to reduce your nicotine intake.

Another reason it's called shortfill e-liquid is that you only get about 80% of what you're ordering if you buy a bottle. The remaining 20% is meant to be filled with nicotine. The bottle is also available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some of the most prominent ones carry the 10ml shortfill e-liquid and the 30ml shortfill e-liquid.

The shortfill e-liquid is mixed with the nicotine, and you immediately transfer it to an e-cig tank or a cartomiser.

Why Vape Shops Don’t Sell Big Bottles of E-liquid

This is because of the several regulations and restrictions on nicotine. As a part of these regulations, it's illegal to sell e-liquid in bottles with more than 10ml.

The shortfill bottles are marketed as packs containing an e-liquid already pre-mixed with the nicotine. Vape shops then sell this vape juice as a ready-to-use pack. Ideally, they should be sold as two separate parts. That way, you can mix the nicotine yourself.

Nonetheless, you can always buy a nicotine base separately and mix it with the e-liquid. But you should have basic knowledge about it before you decide to combine the nicotine.

How Do You Use Shortfill E-liquid?

When you purchase shortfill e-liquid, you should know that it comes in two bottles. One of them contains nicotine, and the other one contains e-liquid. All you have to do is:

  1. Take the nicotine bottle and pour only the amount of it you want into the e-liquid section.
  2. Shake well to ensure that the nicotine base mixes seamlessly with the e-liquid.
  3. Fill the e-liquid section with the e-liquid.
  4. Mix again to ensure that the two parts of the e-liquid blend perfectly.
  5. Wait for about an hour for the nicotine to mix perfectly.
  6. Fill the e-cig tank or the cartomiser with the e-liquid.
  7. Vape!

Tip: When buying shortfill e-liquid, make sure you purchase e-liquid compatible with your e-cig. Ensure that the nicotine bottle is stored away from the e-liquid bottle to prevent nicotine degradation. 

Final Thoughts

Shortfill e-liquid has become a game-changer for many vapers. It makes it easier for people trying to quit smoking to reduce their nicotine intake gradually.

But the fundamental factor to know is that shortfill e-liquid is not new. You do not need to feel embarrassed because you've used shortfill e-liquid. It’s perfectly acceptable, and you can buy it online or from your local vape shop.

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