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Why Dating a Vaper Is Better than a Cigarette Smoker

You’ve been on a date with a lovely individual, and everything has gone perfectly. Suddenly, your date gets up from the table and announces they will be back in “five minutes.”

When your date returns to the table, they bring the foul odour of their recently smoked cigarette. The smell, which is strong enough to offend your sense of smell and taste—and even your sense of touch—seeps from your lover and stretches across the table. Not the kind of date you want to have another one of.

The Risk of Dating a Cigarette Smoker

Smoking cigarettes obviously indicates a lack of care for your health and well-being. People looking for mates who can stick around don’t want partners who are throwing away their health. It shows lack of care and concern for your loved ones. They might walk away from you once they learn of your unpleasant habit.

Reasons Why Dating a Vaper is Better than a Cigarette Smoker

One of the biggest concerns is the prevalence of secondhand smoke and whether or not your partner will be willing to give it up. It’s an entirely different experience to be with someone who vapes rather than smokes, and there are many reasons for this. 

1. Perfect for Indoor

First, don’t worry about being left alone in restaurants or bars as your beloved ‘nips out’ for a smoke. You will also be invited to more indoor activities because people will realise that cigarette smoke does not bother you.

As vaping becomes more and more socially acceptable, the option to vape indoors is also increasing. As a result, you don’t have to sit twiddling your thumbs when someone at a table in a restaurant needs to smoke. Plus, as we’ll see, there’s no need to discuss potential breath odour or influence: neither exists in this new relationship.

2. Prevent Breath and Dental Issues

Because vaping substitutes liquid nicotine for tobacco and does not include harmful chemicals from traditional cigarette smoke, its impact on breath freshness and dental hygiene is less than smoking a cigarette, cigar, or roll-up. 

Many different types of e-liquids available, so you can treat your lover to candied kisses and keep your fingers free of the tobacco smoke that often accompanies cigarettes. 

Additionally, the smell of cigarette breath is caused by chemicals and tobacco burning, which dries out the mouth and causes the body to produce less saliva. This can lead to an increase in bad breath and gum disease. It has also been shown to cause other dental problems.

3. Safe for Sexual Health

Let’s not forget that smoking tobacco can also significantly impact your sexual health. Smoking just one cigarette can affect erectile function. Several active ingredients in tobacco — nicotine, carbon monoxide, and specific powerful oxygen-based rusts, among others — constrict blood vessels. 

If these points aren’t enough to make you swipe left on smokers and choose vapers instead, consider that vapers are incredibly easy to buy.

You'll no longer have to wander through crowded high streets trying to find the perfect gift for your partner when it's their birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or another special occasion. They'll always be grateful to receive the latest delicious ejuice or mods for their e-cigarette set up as a token of your love.


In many ways, dating a smoker is similar to dating a vaper. However, you must consider the risks associated with smoking when deciding who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If you’ve decided to stick with the vapers of the world, then you can feel confident that you’re dating someone who shares your lifestyle and values.

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