Atomisers, Clearomisers, & Cartomisers: Their Differences -

Atomisers, Clearomisers, & Cartomisers: Their Differences

The vaping industry has increasingly become popular since the e-cigarette launched back in 2003. Many smokers have switched to this new hobby, and many other enthusiasts have jumped on this bandwagon over time as well. But crossing into the threshold of vaping can be a little bit confusing, given that it's relatively new and there are just too many terminologies in the industry. This is why it's easy to use various terms interchangeably. 

For one, the vape juice has been called both e-liquid and e-juice. When it comes to techniques, you must be well-acquainted with mouth-to-lung (MTL), direct-to-lung (DTL), or even sub-ohm vaping. As far as vape devices are concerned, you may have known the evolution of these devices from cig-a-likes to pens to mods up to pod mods.

However, have you ever heard of atomisers, clearomisers, and cartomisers? In this article, we'll share more about the differences between these three so that you can know which device is best for your vaping needs.

Atomisers vs clearomisers vs cartomisers

All electronic cigarette devices have an atomiser of some sort that turns the e-liquid into vapour. While both clearomisers and cartomisers use an atomiser to vaporise the vape juice, the major difference lies in how the e-liquid is delivered. Here's what you need to know:

  • Atomiser: By definition, this refers to a device that emits water, perfume, and other liquids as a fine spray. In the world of vaping, this refers to any device that vaporises e-liquid. In the past, it only pertained to the coil responsible for vaporising the juice; now, it refers to the tank itself. This is why clearomisers and cartomisers are considered as atomisers. Also, many people consider this device as the purest way to vape.
  • Clearomiser: As the name suggests, it comes from the words "clear" and "atomiser." It is a tank that houses your replaceable or disposable pre-built atomiser, typically made out of plastic or glass. It also consists of four main parts—mouthpiece or drip tip, the tank itself, atomiser, and the base. It is said to be the most popular as a widely used device for vaping, though it can be a little costlier.
  • Cartomiser: This is a basic type of atomiser that is attached to the end of a battery, often in a longer case, which is why it's called an "extended battery." It consists of a single metal wire inside a metal tube surrounded by polyfill—the artificial filler ensuring the coil always has e-liquid. The name comes from the combination of the words "cartridge" and "atomiser." This is also one of the more affordable products compared to the previous two, which is why many beginner vapers will use it more often.

What option to choose

If you're wondering which device to choose, remember that it all depends on what works for you. First, both clearomiser and cartomiser are considered an atomiser, as mentioned above. This is why the choice now would be between those two.

With that being said, opt for a clearomiser if you need a device that is easy to use yet offers optimal performance and a high-quality vape. However, it will require you to replace your coil regularly, where its potential drawback is the price. On the other hand, if you want to save up and aren't in particular with your vaping experience, the cartomiser can be your best bet. This device is all the more suited for the inexperienced vapers.


At this point, you now know the differences between an atomiser, clearomiser, and cartomiser. Be sure to consider the valuable information discussed above when choosing between a clearomiser and cartomiser. Ultimately, you have to opt for the one that works for you, regardless of the type of atomiser you'll use!

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