Before You Buy a Vape Charger: 5 Things You Need to Know -

Before You Buy a Vape Charger: 5 Things You Need to Know

Your vape kit contains different components, from batteries to vaporisers, and each one requires proper handling. If you want to ensure that your build will last a long time, you need to be familiar with how each part works.

Different vape chargers have varying output voltages and currents. It makes compatibility an issue if you want to match the right charger for the correct device. With horror stories about exploding batteries, paying extra attention to your charger's compatibility is a habit you should develop.

In this article, we will share five things you need to know before you buy a vape charger.

1. Check for the charger's threading

Battery chargers have multiple compatibility ratings because different vapers have varying vaping preferences. Before you match the chargers' ratings with your vape kit, you should first see if the product has the same threading as your devices. This is the first thing you need to assess when buying a new battery charger. If you over-tighten or cross-thread your battery, it will cause permanent damage and reduce your battery’s lifespan.

2. Inspect its voltage

After checking the threading, the next thing you should inspect is the voltage. Matching your charger with your original charging cable prevents any thermal runaway that can damage both the cable and your battery. If you're buying a universal charger, you should still see if it has a chart that shows what products it can adjust to based on the output voltage.

3. Modulate your amperage needs

Amperage isn't as much of a safety concern compared to threading and voltage readings. Nevertheless, it still affects the rate of your charging speed. A higher amp rating reduces your charging time, which is excellent for vapers who are always mobile. Besides vapers who have above average vaping habits, it can also prevent people from charging their vape kits overnight. With shorter charge times, there's less risk of overheating due to inattentive users.

4. Look for certifications on cables and chargers

Many non-branded charging cables are present in the market, making it an issue for vapers who can't know for sure if their USB cables are a good fit for their chargers. Laptop and cellphone manufacturers are already victims of poorly made cables, causing meltdowns and overheating. Make sure that your cables have a stamp of a certifying agency to ensure that it's a quality product.

5. Keep an eye on your charger at all times

The best way to avoid accidents, such as overheating and battery failure, is to use the manufacturer's charging cable that comes with your vape device. However, replacing your cable and charger is inevitable. Because of this, you should pay attention to your charging habits. Avoid leaving your device connected overnight since it can continue to drain power and overheat. If you start seeing signs of bulging or burns on the battery, it's a sign that you should change batteries.


Buying different components for your vape kit is a part of customising and enhancing your vape experience. Since each piece will experience wear and tear over time, you need to know how to replace it with the right products. The best way to preserve your vape kit’s integrity is to order parts from reliable suppliers with the proper certifications and branded products for your use.

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