Top Accessories for Your Vaping Arsenal -

Top Accessories for Your Vaping Arsenal

Vaping is its own universe. A colourful abundance of e-liquids, equipment, and accessories make each experience unique—it wouldn’t be surprising to come across a rookie vaper enticed by delicious flavours! Walking into a vape shop leaves you spoilt for choice. For ardent vaping enthusiasts who are at a loss for where to start, throw these must-try vaping accessories into your shopping cart.

1. Coil Building Kits

Coil building kits reign supreme over all multifaceted vaping accessories. RTA, RDA, and RTDA vapes will require ready-made coils. Alternatively, you can make them with essential tools in your kit and not have to shop for each item individually.

Custom coils can provide a better volume of cloud or enhance the flavour of your e-juice—taking the DIY route will also save you a lot of money. Most vapers love the thrill of customisation. You probably will too!

2. Clearomizer/Tank

A clearomizer or tank will hold disposable or replaceable pre-built atomisers. Tanks are typically made of glass or plastic and come in three parts:

  • The mouthpiece or drip tip, where vapers inhale
  • The tank, where vapers store the e-liquid
  • The base screws, which keep the liquid inside the tank

3. Battery Charger

Tons of vapers will possess mods but lack a high-quality battery charger. Don’t be one of them. Avoid relying on wall chargers, which are neither safe nor fast-charging. Instead, purchase a reliable mod battery charger that will dissipate heat while keeping batteries cold. Mod chargers are longer-lasting and cost-effective, keeping your vape away from the dangers of a short circuit or overheating.

4. Vape Travel Case

Why purchase a custom vape if you can’t keep it safe? Nothing stings like having to replace a shattered tank or losing your favourite e-juice. A vape travel case will centralise all your equipment without the risk of leaks or breakage. Compliment your style by selecting a case that is a marriage between fashion and function. Remember—you’ll no longer have an excuse for replacing parts!

5. E-Liquids

E-juices are the soul of your vape. Give a couple of flavours a try to determine which one works best for you. Take into consideration vapour production, VG or PG, nicotine levels, and other essential factors to help inform your choice. Some vapers prefer thicker clouds of smoke, whereas others are privy to lower nicotine strengths.

Start with the basics such as peppermint, candy, or menthol, then dip your fingers into something more exciting like ice cream or root beer.


No one vaping experience remains the same. With a multitude of flavours, coils, kits, and accessories available in the U.K. market, the chances of coming across something you haven’t tried are greater than stumbling upon a familiar item.

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