What is the Best Cotton For Vaping, and Why Does It Matter?

Although vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking, it requires some time to learn and master. One of the skills a newbie should learn is choosing the best cotton for vaping and knowing why it is essential to the overall vaping experience. But what is the best cotton for vapes, and why does it matter? Here are some answers.

1. Flat Cotton

Flat cotton is the most popular cotton used by vapers. The name is a bit misleading as it isn’t a type of cotton but refers to the threading of the cotton. Flat cotton is simply a piece of cotton thread rolled into a ball.

The flat cotton is the “foundation” of creating the cotton wicks for your vape tank. There are different thicknesses of flat cotton, and using the wrong size may affect your vaping experience. Excellent and ideal flat cotton will be no thicker than 1.5 mm. The thickness of the cotton determines the flow inside the cotton.

2. Round Cotton

Round cotton, on the other hand, is a coiled cotton ball. It is better than flat cotton since it's thicker. It is also why more advanced vapers use them most of the time. The thickness of the cotton affects the airflow and the resistance of the air flowing through it. The round cotton lets more air through, but the flat cotton has a better heat resistance and is more durable.

3. Cotton Threads

Cotton threads are the best cotton for vape tanks because it is the cheapest. It is also the most convenient when making your wicks. The downside, however, is that it is difficult to roll the cotton threads into a ball. It is best to have a helper when doing this, as moving the cotton into a ball can take quite some time.

What is the Use of Vape Cotton? 

Anyone who has used a vape pen before has a good idea of its use. After all, this device produces a vapour rather than smoke, hence the name “vapes”. While a vape pen may look the same on the outside, they are different in appearance, and they vary in how they work and their internal components. Vape pen cotton is one of the internal components, and it is essential for better and more efficient vaping as it works to absorb and hold the e-juice.

The sole purpose of the cotton is to provide absorption for the e-juice. The cotton absorbs the e-juice, which occurs when the cotton is submerged in the e-juice. The cotton is then placed inside the wick, and it is this wick. It is used to deliver the e-juice to the atomiser. The cotton is also soaked in vape juice to keep the coils in the atomiser hot. Without the cotton, the e-juice would not reach the coils, thus rendering the device useless.


There are different types of cotton used in vaping. It is essential that, as vapers, we know the kind of cotton that works best with our devices and what our machines can handle. It makes it easy to choose which cotton to buy and use.

It is also important to note that cotton is best when used with e-juice that contains flavours, given that the flavours will be soaked into the cotton, which can help give off the flavour and aroma.

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