Here Are the Best E-juice Flavours You Should Try Now

When it comes to vaping, flavour is everything. As you vape away, you are perhaps in search for a flavour that will never go out of style. It may, however, be difficult to come by as there are a myriad of flavours one may enjoy today.

In our guide, we explain how the majority of e-juice flavours fall into one of three basic flavour profiles. These categories help you narrow down your search for your next best e-juice flavour.

Here are the best e-juice flavours you should try right now!

Candy Flavours

Candy is something that everyone, regardless of age, enjoys. While the majority of adults admit to having a sweet tooth, others simply love to reminisce about their childhood through candy flavours. 

These nostalgic flavours will take you back to a time when you lived for candy. It comes as no surprise why vape juices come in these delectable treats! Now, you can enjoy the tastes of candy but without the sugar crash or cavities. 

Dessert Flavours

The best dessert vape juice flavours are those that closely resemble the texture of the real thing. Many vapers start with tobacco or simple fruit flavours before venturing into the rich, sweet, and savoury world of desserts. 

Dessert options include doughnuts, custards, cheesecakes, pies, cookies, and ice cream. All these along with your favourite dessert could be hidden in a bottle, waiting to be discovered by you. 

Beverage Flavours

E-liquid manufacturers have recreated all of your favourite beverages, like the popular strawberry milk (also known as unicorn milk) and coffee. To add, cocktail and tea flavours are also available as e-juice drink options. 

Thus, there's a drink for every occasion. These flavours may be beneficial if you're trying to avoid alcohol, coffee, or dairy. 

Foods Flavours

Fruit, beverages, desserts, and tobacco are all popular e-liquid flavours.  There are a plethora of vape juices inspired by foods available. French toast, Bacon, cereal, and pancakes are just a few examples! Yes, you can vape your favourite breakfast foods. 

Fruit Flavours

Fruit flavours can be found in a variety of e-juices, such s strawberry and watermelon flavoured e-liquids which have grown in popularity. They not only add sweetness, but each has its own distinct personality. It is available in a variety of flavours, ranging from fresh fruit to candy. 

Apple, banana, pineapple, peach, grape, mango, citrus fruits, and berries are all popular fruit flavours. Others are easier to find, while the rest may not be as abundant in the market. You may also find kiwi, mangosteen, or jackfruit one of these days–try them before stocks run out!

Menthol Flavour 

Menthol-flavoured e-liquids are unique. Fans of menthol enjoy the cooling sensation provided by these flavours. They can have a mildly minty or icy flavour. If you want to quit smoking menthol cigarettes, you'll probably enjoy menthol tobacco, spearmint, peppermint, and pure menthol e-juice flavours. 

Menthol e-liquids provide a welcome change of pace. These herbs can aid in the relief of the vaper's tongue and even relieve a vaper from symptoms of allergies, colds, or the flu. 

Tobacco Flavour

Ex-smokers may crave the taste of tobacco. Luckily, they never have to smoke a cigarette again with tobacco-flavoured e-juice! Some flavourings like the timeless RY4 (caramel tobacco with vanilla) are added to simulate the aroma of freshly rolled tobacco. The best tobacco e-liquids use flavours derived from actual tobacco leaves. 


At this day and age, vaping could never be boring. E-juice flavours are surprising us left and right, making the experience of vaping even more fun and worthwhile. Now, you’ll never run out of cool and tasty options!

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