Breaking Barriers in the Vaping Community: 3 Tips for Vapers With Disabilities -

Breaking Barriers in the Vaping Community: 3 Tips for Vapers With Disabilities

Veteran vapers find it second nature to fill tanks, change coils, and chase clouds without putting much thought into the process. Beginners can struggle with the steps, but the right tricks and tips can make it easier to overcome the learning curve. However, vapers with disabilities will find these simple fiddly actions challenging in more ways than one.

Living with physical conditions such as arthritis, cerebral palsy, and other mobility disabilities can make vaping a difficult past-time to enjoy once it’s time to take the device apart, but that doesn’t mean there are no solutions that can ease the struggle. 

With that in mind, the guide below should reduce the drudgery of changing coils, batteries, and e-liquids so people with physical conditions can produce massive clouds without trouble. 

Tip #1: Opt for Push-Fit Coils to Simplify the Process of Changing Coils 

There are vape devices that are straightforward to use. Juuls, for example, is a beginner-friendly choice since you only need to pull out the cartridge and replace it with a new one to maintain a fresh, vaping experience. However, there are plenty of limitations, especially when it comes to experimenting with different settings. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of vape devices with modern tanks that offer push-fit coils. It typically uses a push-pull coil system that makes it easy to change the coil without having to waste your e-liquid. The simple process makes it an excellent choice for veteran vapers with disabilities who want a more curated vaping experience. 

Tip #2: Opt for Pre-Mixed E-Liquids or Vape Pods

There’s no going around the fact that most e-liquids are made with child-proof bottles, though it helps to avoid short-fill bottles since it involves extra steps that can make the process more difficult. It involves manually mixing nicotine shots and shaking to incorporate it into one liquid, so it’s better to save yourself the trouble by opting for a standard 10ml, pre-mixed e-liquid.

If opening bottles feels virtually impossible, there are bottles that come with a removable nozzle. There are also modern pods that have a side fill-port so anyone can easily push the nozzle into the port when filling the tank. 

Tip #3: Invest in Auto-Inhale Vape Devices 

Some physical disabilities can make it difficult to push a button, but there are vape devices manufactured to address this specific pain point. These are called auto-inhale devices, which are vape designed to automatically fire up when you are inhaling, removing the need to manually press a button. 

The Bottom Line: Enhancing the Vaping Experience for Everyone 

The vaping community manufactures products that can cater all vapers, including those struggling with physical disabilities. Shopping for the right kind of vape tools and devices can ensure these limitations won’t get in the way of your enjoyment. 

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