The Importance of Proper EJuice Management in Vapes -

The Importance of Proper EJuice Management in Vapes

One question many new vapers have is how long ejuice can last in the tank has before it goes bad. After all, not everyone vapes regularly, while others are reluctant to toss out the ejuice in their tanks for fear of wasting it. That being said, it is still important to know if the contents of your device are expired so that you can protect both your health and your device. 

The Answer

Experienced vapers will tell you that you will encounter a different problem long before your ejuices expire in the tank. This problem is leakage. While every tank has different specifications, it is general knowledge in vaping that the tank should be empty if you don’t expect to be vaping for quite a while, regardless of how much is still inside it. 

A leaking tank is incredibly messy and inconvenient, not to mention that it leaves your mod at risk of damage due to fluid exposure. It can also damage and ruin any number of objects, such as furniture, clothing, leather, and any other materials. The unfortunate fact is that many of these juices are corrosives.

Proper Storage

If you don’t expect to be using your vape for a while, such as during extended travel, empty and clean the tank according to the methods recommended by the manufacturer or local vape shop. Store your juices in their original container, making sure that they will not be jostled open by intense rattling in luggage transport. 

If you’re just keeping it in a bag or in your pocket, it should also be turned off. Leaving it on might lead to the accidental pressing of the buttons. This might end up activating your coil, causing leaking at the mouthpiece. Should the coils heat up with no fluids present, it might cause damage to your device; the worst-case scenario is that the heat causes damage to your belongings. 

Flavours are Ruined by Unclean Tanks

Ejuice connoisseurs swear by the cleanliness of the tank as one of the most important factors in experiencing the purity of a flavour. Allowing juices to expire in your tank might leave a residue which might be difficult to clean off. 

Glass tanks might be safe from the residue problem, but plastic is not. Plastic tends to absorb and react with chemicals of a certain molecular composition. The other parts of your vape are also not made of glass, which puts them at risk of ruining the overall flavour forever. 

Other Risks

Even inside the tank, the liquids are exposed to oxygen. Oxygen can degrade the various elements of your mixture. The nicotine content, in particular, is greatly reduced the longer it is exposed to oxygen. Unlike the original containers for eliquids, a tank is not suited to the long term storage of the nicotine elements in the vape. 

Darker coloured vapes also have a tendency for causing discolouration in the tank, giving it an unsightly appearance. Eliquids also tend to thicken over time, which can cause spitting and gurgling in the coils. You might end up replacing your coils sooner than they should be. 

Final Thoughts

The hobby of vaping is fun and enjoyable. It involves a commitment to a certain routine, and to the rules of caring for vapes and ejuices. By following these guidelines, you are likely to enjoy the hobby without breaking your wallet or experiencing the inconveniences of a leaky tank filled with old liquids.

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