Buying Your First Vape Device: Here's 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Vape Kit for You -

Buying Your First Vape Device: Here's 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Vape Kit for You

Many people are starting to join the vaping bandwagon as it offers a better alternative to smoking tobacco. It’s a growing trend that is steadily building a community across the world, which is why there are many upgrades and starter vape kits on the market that can help simplify the transition for beginners.

Many vape devices are designed to provide reliable performance without being confusing for beginners, making it easier to get into the groove of cloud chasing. With that in mind, the guide below should help you set up your first hit without a hitch:

Exploring Different Vape Devices

1. Disposable Cig-A-Likes And Closed Pod Systems

One of the simplest and beginner-friendly vape devices available, cig-a-likes, and closed pod systems are an excellent way to start vaping since it’s inexpensive and simple to use on the first try.

It’s a straightforward device that has a rechargeable battery and a disposable pod, which is where you get the e-liquid and heating elements. You can get a good hit by simply attaching the pod to the battery and inhaling, but you don’t have to worry about burning the coils or getting a poor throat hit since most devices are activated by an “auto-draw”.

2. Refillable Vape Kits

For users who are ready to move on from the simplicity of cig-a-likes, the refillable vape kits offer more room for experimentation and advantages. These come with a clearomizer tank, which is the refillable pod that contains the e-liquid.

It comes in either disposable refillable vape tanks and ones where the vape coil is replaceable, which is the better choice for vapers who want to maintain the effectiveness of the heating element.

Either way, both vape kits are significantly larger and heavier. While it’s not as portable as the cig-a-like, it offers an improved battery capacity, making it possible to enjoy the vape kit for four to six times longer.

3. Regulated Box Mod

If you’re a beginner who craves to get a head start, you can unlock richer experiences and better hits with a regulated box mod. It’s like your typical box mod, it’s a bigger device that made room for longer battery life and complex controls.

Some of the added features include large screens and circuit boards, which can take your vaping experience to the next level as you have more options to adjust the settings. A regulated box mod is under the same category, though we recommend this versus the unregulated box mod since it offers greater improvements in its safety features and temperature control.

A Safer Vice: Vape Rising As The Better Alternative To Smoking

Choosing the right starter vape kit that suits your needs and preference can be tricky. Seeing as the vaping community is more popular than ever, there are various devices to choose from. The guide above should introduce what we think are the best options for beginners.

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