COVID-19 & Smoking: Why You Should Quit This Habit -

COVID-19 & Smoking: Why You Should Quit This Habit

In times like these where a world-changing virus is affecting everyone, many Brits have become far more particular about the way they live their lives and fight COVID-19 at the same time.

From the times one goes out in a week to the habits and tendencies that people have when they meet other people, the number of ways that the virus has impacted the UK way of living is nearly limitless. Among all the different habits and behaviours that have been affected, however, there’s one that has been hit the most in recent months: smoking.

How COVID-19 has affected the way British smokers live

Before daily living practices were changed, the most significant concerns that smokers had were rising prices on cigarette packs – clearly a far cry from what’s happening today. Considering that COVID-19 affects the respiratory systems in ways that you wouldn’t want to imagine, it’s evident that no smoker would want to contract the virus because of how weakened their lungs are.

The current situation of the nation, as we know it, has pushed many into a position where they’re far more likely to worry about their health than any other point in their lives. On the other hand, this helped the pandemic in becoming the most significant catalyst for smokers to make a change in their lives, resulting in the highest number of smokers quitting in the last decade alone – about one million people.

Why is now the best time to reconsider your smoking habits?

With the Coronavirus seeing no signs of stopping anytime soon, the UK Government has urged smokers to drop their habit because it renders them most vulnerable to more severe symptoms than non-smokers.

The main reason that the effects are far more severe for those who smoke is because it is a leading contributing factor for preventable illnesses. Once you take the whole truth about smoking tobacco being associated with respiratory viral infection, damage to airways and lungs, and put it on top of the effects related to COVID-19, you’ll have a firm conviction to quit!

Going cold turkey may not be advisable

Admittedly, many find themselves reluctant to give up their smoking habit to avoid being struck by COVID-19 because a sudden drop in the habit will result in massive withdrawal symptoms. This may only lead to more significant problems if you’re cooped up indoors. Fortunately, protecting your health and staying healthy enough to fight the virus without going cold turkey can be done with vaping. 

While they may seem the same, vaping is a healthier option as opposed to smoking and poses little-to-no risk for your respiratory system.

If you’re a chain-smoker who is reliant on nicotine after years of smoking, vaping can keep your fixations in check and supplement your body with the nicotine it needs without putting your health in jeopardy. Getting a starter kit from V8PR, for instance, will reduce your exposure to tar and carbon monoxide, which are two of the most dangerous components of cigarettes that give its harmful effects.


With the number of smokers quitting because of the pandemic’s severity, it’s essential to understand that many are kicking their habit to the curb for a reason, which has to do with staying safe. Now that you’ve gotten your reality check and realised that smoking wouldn’t serve your health well amid COVID-19, take this as a sign to ditch the habit and opt for a vape!

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