Changing Perceptions About Vaping in the UK -

Changing Perceptions About Vaping in the UK

Hon Lik created the first modern e-cigarette back in 2003. Today, over 3 million people in Great Britain use e-cigarettes, which is around 6% of the total population. There are over 4,000 vape shops all over the UK. Over the years, vaping technology has only developed and improved, and a growing number of people worldwide choose vaping as a hobby or a tool to stop cigarette smoking.

As with any popular activity, media and public perception run from one extreme to another. Some people are in full support of vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. In contrast, others vilify the hobby and say that e-cigarettes are just as dangerous and poisonous.

Because of so much conflicting information, some people don’t know what to believe. Read on for an analysis of the public perception of vaping and how thinking can evolve in the near future.

Vaping Vs. Smoking

One of the debates central to the vaping conversation is the comparison between vaping and smoking. Almost everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is an unhealthy habit that can cause lung cancer and other health issues not just in the smoker but also for the people around them.

As vaping increased in popularity, more and more smokers have switched to vaping as a method to help them quit smoking. Thousands of people have kicked the habit, and anything that causes a decline in cigarette smoking should surely be a positive thing.

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) regulates all vape products in the UK. This means that specific standards have been set when it comes to ingredients, packaging, marketing, and the overall safety of these products.

Long-Term Vaping Research

One of the reasons why vaping has a bad reputation in some circles is that there is very little long-term data regarding vaping and how it affects people’s health. Instead, there are very small, short-term research papers that are widely available for misinterpretation.

Vaping has only reached wide popularity within the last few years, so in-depth research studies have only just begun. However, it’s important to note that the National Health Service states that e-cigarettes contain “much lower levels” of harmful chemicals when compared to cigarette smoke. The British Heart Foundation agrees. 

Evolving Perception

Year in and year out, public perceptions of vaping are constantly evolving. For the first time since 2007, the use of e-cigarettes in the UK declined, likely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As vaccines roll out and the world goes back to normal, it’s likely that vaping will continue to rise in popularity. Even with many horror stories circulating online and on social media, many people have found a safe and comfortable hobby in vaping. It has certainly been effective in helping wean addicts off nicotine and stop smoking cigarettes altogether.

In the near future, more data about the effects of vaping should become available. Thorough research studies with high population samples and solid data collection procedures will further shape the public perception when it comes to e-cigarettes.


Millions of people in the UK use e-cigarettes and related products. The vast popularity has led to increased curiosity as well as a mix of conflicting information online. The truth is that vaping has helped thousands of people stop smoking. Scientific research has definitively shown that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than a regular cigarette. For many, this is more than enough to be confident about their vaping habit!

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