The Best Way to Prevent Getting Dry Hits While You Vape -

The Best Way to Prevent Getting Dry Hits While You Vape

Are you ever surprised by a hit that tastes just absolutely awful? Specifically, one that, when it hits your throat, causes a burning sensation? These terrible hits are called “dry hits.” These “dry hits” can happen to anyone at any time. Even the experienced vapers, who you see frequenting your local vape shop, can sometimes accidentally take a dry hit. Don’t worry, though; there are a few things you can do to avoid them.

First, what is a dry hit?

Dry hits are vape hits that have a burnt, disgusting taste. It gives you an itchy, painful feeling in the back of your throat. This is a regular issue for vapers everywhere, but there are methods you can enact in order to avoid them.

Dry hits happen because of a variety of reasons. 

Burnt-out coil

One of the reasons it could happen is due to a burnt-out coil. If you take hits too frequently, you can burn out your coil or material, which can cause the burnt sensation in your throat. 

An atomiser that is not fully saturated

Yet another reason a burnt hit could happen is because of an atomiser that is not fully saturated. Should your atomiser not be saturated enough, this could lead to the heat of the atomiser burning your wicking material instead of atomising the fluid. Once the wick is burnt, you must replace it. If you don’t, all your hits from then on will be dry hits. 

You’re using a bad coil

Another reason you are getting dry hits could be because you are using a bad coil. A damaged or imperfect coil could come from either an overused coil or perhaps just one with factory defects.

Lastly, if you are sure none of the above are causing dry hits, check your device’s wattage. Higher wattage devices increase the chances you get a dry hit.

What’s the best way to avoid dry hits?

As stated earlier, there are ways to reduce the occurrence of dry hits. It won’t go away forever, but you can limit it to once per session if you follow these steps:

Change how you vape

To avoid burning out the coil, which can lead to dry hits, you should change how you vape. Take longer, deeper drags from your vape and wait a few minutes between each drag. By doing this, you ensure that your coil is overused and has time to properly cool down.

Fully saturate your atomiser

In order to fully saturate your atomiser, you must ensure that your tank is topped off. Don’t wait until a dry hit to check if the tank is empty; look at it regularly and make sure it is at least half full. When you do this, you prevent the atomiser from burning your wick due to undersaturation. 

Prime your coil and wick

Make sure to prime your coil and wick. That means you have to saturate the wicking material and the coil in e-liquid.


Dry hits can be awful and, at worst, ruin a session. A great way to avoid them is to learn more about vaping in general. Do your research on vape kits in the UK and go deeper from there. The more knowledge you have, the better. This way, you avoid buying faulty vapes with imperfect or damaged coils.

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