Choosing the Right Battery for Your Vape: Our Basic Guide -

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Vape: Our Basic Guide

When you think about investing in the right vape parts, there is an assortment of different components that come to mind. For instance, buying a new upgrade to help you puff more clouds will immediately bring items such as sub-ohm tanks and specialised attys to mind. On the other hand, a need to control your watts will point you in the direction of vape mods that feature power control buttons to modulate the amount of smoke you produce. 

Although most of the factors that come to mind when you think about upgrading your vape are definitely worth investing in, one particular item to look into is the batteries you use. However, the problem is that many people are unaware of all the different factors and details that they’ll need to look into and account for when shopping around. This then brings up a question: how do you choose the right battery for your vape?

Why Choosing the Right Type of Battery Matters

Batteries are important for vapes because of one fundamental reason: they provide the necessary power a set-up needs to work. However, there’s a whole lot more to purchasing these simple yet essential supplies than picking whatever’s available and calling it a day.

You see, each type of vape device has a specific battery that it works best with because its internal components are developed to work optimally with the right option. Unfortunately, many vapers overlook this key factor and end up outfitting their devices with less-than-optimal options, leaving them prone to issues like: 

  • Early shutdowns
  • Fluctuating power outputs
  • Risks of “explosions” or component failure

What Are the Kinds of Batteries You Can Look At?

Generally, vape batteries come in two particular platforms or formats that are used by manufacturing companies to create vape batteries. Here are the two most common options that are used and available on the market today: 

  • 18650 batteries: Best known for their cylindrical shape, 18650 vape batteries are the most common form of power supply for mods of all kinds—one example being the Samsung “Shrek” battery. The name itself alludes to three key size measurements of the power source classification that help it stand out:
        • 18: This pertains to the measurement of the battery’s diameter (18mm)
        • 65: This measurement alludes to the height measurement of the battery (65mm)
        • 0: This number pertains to the type of shape that the battery has, which is cylindrical in nature

  • 26650 batteries: Compared to the 18650 batteries, 26650 batteries are slightly wider and are far more uncommon of a choice among most models because of their size difference. Although they’re not used in a whole lot of vape mod models, they’re a common fixture in iJoy and Aspire devices! 

  • How to Choose the Safest and Best Battery Options for Your Vaping Needs

    When it comes to searching around for the right vape battery, there are many key practices and considerations that you should use for the best results. To give you a better idea of how you can ensure that you pick the best option from V8PR’s wide range of options, here are some simple practical tips worth using: 

    • Check your mod’s manual for any recommended brands (and look for them)
    • Ensure that you’re purchasing your batteries from a reliable source to ensure that you’re getting original, quality items—such as V8PR!
    • Be aware of the various volt, amp, and ohm requirements that you’ll need to account for! 


    While there are many different components of a vaping set-up that you can invest in to ensure that you have the smoothest hits possible, batteries are one particular option you should take seriously. By keeping the tips and tricks mentioned above in mind, you’ll be able to have an easier time shopping around for the best option that suits your needs! 

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