Cleaning Your Vape Kits & Clearomizer in 2 Simple Steps - Our Guide -

Cleaning Your Vape Kits & Clearomizer in 2 Simple Steps - Our Guide

It can be easy to chase clouds for weeks using your favourite clearomizer, but failing to clean it now and then will only lead to burnt taste, flavour ghosting, and reduced vapour production ruining the experience.

Rookies may think the next best step is to throw out their claro and order a shiny, new one from their nearest vape shop, but cleaning your clearomizer can make a world of difference in extending its shelf life for weeks on end.

What is Clearomizer?

Clearomizers are the newest and go-to favourite devices in the vaping community due to their ability to hold large amounts of e-liquid from 1.6 to 3ml. These are typically designed as a cylindrical accessory with clear polycarbonate plastic or pyrex glass tank, allowing vapers to see the level of e-juice left inside the container.

A silica wick delivers the e-juice to the heating coil, either using a top heating coil with longer wicks or a bottom-placed heating coil with shorter wick for easier saturation. It’s the perennial favourite for new vape builds as many models are rebuildable and come with a replaceable coil. Not to mention, it also has a longer lifespan and offers superior flavour delivery.

However, it can also retain flavour your previous e-juice and leak depending on the manufacturer. With that in one, one way to avoid most of its common problems and extend its life-cycle is by cleaning it in two simple steps:

Step #1: Remove Excess E-Juice

When you notice different flavours starting to meld into each other in an unappealing way, it’s time to clean your clearomizer. The first step is first to get rid of excess gunk stuck around the tank from your e-juice, which you can do by removing the bottom or top of the clearomizer just like how you would fill it with e-liquid.

Next, rinse the tank by filling it halfway with lukewarm water and shake it with your thumb covering the opening. Clear out the water and repeat the process four to five times. It goes without saying that you should avoid washing the coil at all times.

Step #2: Dry Burn the Clearomizer

After washing and drying the clearomizer, the next course of action is to dry burn it. It’s a straightforward process that involves heating the coil in quick two to three-second bursts until the coils start to take on an orange glow.

The process will quickly burn the gunk on the coil, so be sure to blow away the dirty vapour as it forms. Once the coils glow bright orange, it’s an indicator that all gunk is now gone, and you’re good to go.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Cleaning Your Vape Tanks

Cleaning your clearomizer is a simple and straightforward process that can do wonders for its life-cycle and flavour quality. If you want to continue chasing clouds with flavour-packed hits, the two simple steps above should help you keep your tank squeaky clean for a better vaping experience.

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