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What Your Vape Mod Says About You - What to Know

People see accessories as an expression of their personality. Similarly, people who love shopping for trends want to be seen as fashion-forward individuals. Art lovers might appreciate totes or slip-on shoes with prints of their favourite pieces. Likewise, you can probably tell what kind of vaper someone is based on their preferred device!

Thoroughly customized vapes - Gearhead or Scenester

Variable voltage and wattage vapes are the territory of vaping experts, real tech or gearheads who can tell you the difference between five types of atomizers. A vaper who takes the time to break down his equipment really enjoys the individuality you can express with each custom build. For a gearhead, function is more important than form, and they’ve probably MacGyvered their vape to be at its most functional.

At the opposite end of the vape mods spectrum is the scenester. With this type of vaper, you will see an appreciation for the aesthetics. Music scene kids are known for their colourful ensembles and out-there styling. The same is true for scene modders. These are the types of vapers who would colour coordinate their vape with their outfit. They are also the type to build you a vape that references your favourite movie if you ask nicely.

Everyday vapes - Regular Kids or Bargain Hunters

A vape out-of-box is the preferred device of beginners, those who like using vape pens or starter kits. These are plain, but also convenient. They are portable and discreet, which means you can bring them anywhere and tuck them away easily. If blending in is more your speed, you might go for an everyday pen.

Regular pens are also the favourite of bargain hunters, those who like getting the most out of their device. Some bargain hunters might even go for clones or dupes of famous brands. These are functional, plus the pounds you save can go to buying more e-juice. Do remember, though, that while there is nothing wrong with being after the best deal possible, the original is often much better than anything that it inspires.


Old-fashioned vapes - Hipsters or OG Vapers

Some people love the look of a classic. The OG vaper prefers the look of a regular cigarette, so his vape is designed to mimic one. A cig-a-like looks and feels like an analogue smoke, but without the incredibly toxic chemicals of one. Your OG vaper is probably someone who is quitting smoking, or someone who cannot be bothered with all of the modifications and juices available on the market today.

Another type of old-fashioned vaper is the one who uses mechanical tubes. This vape is the favourite of hipsters, and come in old-fashioned, ornate designs as well. If you’re a vaper, you’ll know a mechanical tube when you see it. This simultaneous shunning and welcoming of attention is something hipsters are regularly accused of doing. But for better or worse, you can’t deny that they have an undeniable sense of style.

Bonus: cloud chasers, flavour fans

Though you can’t tell pick this kind of vaper out of a crowd based on their device, they are easy enough to spot once they start smoking. Cloud chasers, as the name suggests, are after the largest, poufiest, densest fogs of smoke. They enjoy tinkering with builds so that they can maximize the cloud. Because of this, they prefer high wattage devices with low resistance coils.

Flavour fans, meanwhile, are always on the lookout for the perfect blend of e-juice. They are easy going people who enjoy the taste and experience of vaping more than anything else. They might even experiment with flavours by blending different juices. Personally, we like flavour fans a lot because they love our e-liquids and are always game to try new blends.


Because vaping has grown into its own industry, various subcultures have sprouted within the hobby. Whatever your vaping preference, there is sure to be a community out there for you!

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