Cloud Chasing or Flavour Chasing: What Vapers Should Know -

Cloud Chasing or Flavour Chasing: What Vapers Should Know

Vapers generally reach a point where the plethora of e-juice flavours available isn't enough. Several mods elevating the experience in many ways can only do so much for them. At that point, they enter the world of flavour chasing and cloud chasing.

In 2015, New York Times' reporter Andrew Adam Newman shot a video of several vapers in Finland. They were attending a so-called "cloud competition", where the winner would be the one producing the biggest cloud. The same way people compete in sport, music and chess, this is a thing!

What Is Cloud Chasing?

Originating from the West Coast of the United States, cloud chasing is the pursuit of producing amazing, large clouds. The activity has reached a point where getting big clouds when vaping even has scientific research to back it up. There is most definitely an entire subculture surrounding cloud chasing now.

If you're looking to try it for yourself, consider several factors, such as:


When resistance lessens, airflow needs to increase. However, clouds will end up thinning if there's an overabundance in airflow. Size isn't the only key factor for cloud chasers. Density holds equal importance. There will likely be tinkering involved to prevent the mod overheating while getting the ideal airflow.


If you're looking for clouds that are really, really big, take on RDAs (rebuildable drip atomisers). The slang term for them is "drippers" because they help the juice to drip on coils before each puff manually. Ordinary vaping on-the-go wouldn't work well here, but it's the best practice for cloud chasers.

Battery Safety

Customised devices are often used by vapers chasing clouds. It means they pick out everything, batteries included. This is why battery safety must be emphasised. The safest battery choices to make include the LG HG2, the Sony VTC4, or the VTC5.

Coil Build

This is a major component of cloud chasing. Single or dual coils are their usual choices; more vapour comes from dual ones. Coil resistance needs to be lowered. It's not optional. 


Higher VG ratios are commonly said to give off thicker clouds. This is why cloud chasers go for Max VG, which is a step up from the usual 70/30 VG to PG ratio. The clouds are bigger because VG is a much heavier liquid.


Regulated mods are often casual vapers' go-to, though many are going for Pod Mods due to convenience. When it comes to cloud chasing, the raw power of mech mods is best. They also come with excellent connectivity and air holes. That said, aside from having a clear grasp on battery safety, it's also vital to know about Ohm's law.

What Is Flavour Chasing?

For some people, it's not really about the cloud. It's all about the taste when they're vaping. If you're looking to go beyond the usual e-liquids, try these tips:

  • Battling vaper's tongue
  • Look into a narrower-bore drip
  • Use higher PG juices


There are many great aspects to vaping that people enjoy. Many take it a step further and go into cloud chasing and flavour chasing. Cloud chasing is when people go for large clouds, while flavour chasing is about making the most of the usual e-liquids.

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