Cloud Showdown: Open or Closed System Vapes? -

Cloud Showdown: Open or Closed System Vapes?

The world of vape products has evolved significantly in the past few years. What used to be gigantic handheld units that produced massive clouds of smoke are now slim, discreet devices. Vape kits in the UK are now on track to replacing cigarettes, especially due to their hiking prices. Also, let’s face it: cigarettes stink and aren’t all that fun anymore.

Thanks to modern technologies, there are now two kinds of vaping systems available. The first is called open-system vaping, while the second is closed-system types. You might be wondering which one is right for you, as there are just so many vape shops in the UK peddling various products that you have yet to know.

If you are a smoker looking to switch to a vape, here is our guide on open versus closed system vape units:

Open-System Vapes

Open-system vapes are so-named because of the customisable nature of the vape device. These are often like building blocks in both the unit capabilities and the e-juice you can buy or make for them. Open-system vape products are typically used by filling up a tank with your preferred vape e-liquids that you can buy in vape shops in the UK. Buying e-juices from a reputable shop is highly recommended, as this guarantees the products’ authenticity and quality. Some shops make their own mixes, so ensure that these are made with high-quality ingredients to prevent harmful side effects and damage to your lungs.

The issues with these types of vape kits are that they involve plenty of work to maintain and run, along with their initial startup costs. A high-tier kit costs plenty of money, but you’ll receive better quality vaping and denser clouds with better flavours. These are good for vapers who love to tinker with things and want a customisable aspect to their vaping experience.

Open-system vapes utilise more power, which means they have a bigger and better battery that allows better control over burn power for the atomiser and airflow through the device. If you want to control the strength and potency of your e-liquids, this system is for you.

Closed System Vapes

Closed system vapes are the easiest to use and are closest to an e-cigarette. Their selling point is usually their size and sleek design, along with the easy-to-use and convenient pod-based juices. Instead of pouring the liquid into a tank, which will require you to bring a vape juice bottle around, you have the option of tiny pods that are typically disposable.

When a pod is fully used, all you have to do is remove it from the body of the unit and throw it away (properly, please!). To replace it, purchase a set of pods from your local store or vape shop in the UK to replenish. All you need to do is press the pod onto the body of the vape, and that’s it!

The downsides to using a closed system vape are that you have fewer options for e-liquid flavours and nicotine levels. Some brands have more than others, but they have not yet matched up the juices available for open-system vapes. Additionally, they usually contain a smaller battery than other vapes since manufacturers make them as little as possible. When the battery dies, there is no replacing it for most models. They will need a full recharge, though this renders it unusable for the time being. You won’t have this problem with open-systems, as they have replaceable batteries.


Choosing the right vape kit for you is purely based on your personal preferences. If you want a smoother experience that is portable and looks sleek, closed systems are for you. For those who want more options with flavour, better clouds, and variable nicotine levels for a variety of juices, choose an open system.

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