Does the Tank That You Choose Actually Matter? -

Does the Tank That You Choose Actually Matter?

“What’s the difference between a regular atomiser and a tank set-up?”

“Will the atty that I choose make a difference in the quality of my vaping experience?”

“Does the type of vape tank I buy even matter? Are they not all the same?”

Whether you’re a first-time vaper or veteran cloud chaser, you may have asked yourself questions along the line of whether or not your choice of tank matters. With various available options (and dozens more available on V8PR’s website), it’s easy to see why many vapers fixate over the value that an atty brings to a vaping experience.

Although it may seem like a minor detail at first, the truth is that your choice of vape tank lends more influence on the quality of your overall vape experience in more ways than you might expect. If you’re a curious vaper who is trying to get acquainted with all the different details, here’s the run-down on why your choice of vape tank matters:

“Why should I go for a vape tank instead of an RDA?”

RDAs and tanks are like oranges and apples when you compare them to one another, and each has its respective advantages and features. However, the latter is typically recommended for various reasons.

Generally, tanks are far more optimal as a daily-driver because unlike RDA set-ups, they’re far easier to deal with on all sides of the vaping experience spectrum. Instead of replenishing your wick with drops of juice every few puffs, the atty in question lets you vape for as many puffs as you want until your e-liquid runs out!

“How does a choice of vape tank make a difference in the vaping experience?”

When you take a look at the market for vape tanks in greater detail, you’ll quickly notice that no two options are the same. Depending on price points, product lines, specifications, and mod compatibility, each tank provides a specific experience that varies depending on how it’s built.

Let’s go over the different factors that give a better idea of how your vape tank will make a significant difference in the quality of your experience:

Factor #1: Convenience

For the vape market, some options are built better than others for convenience. Depending on what particular option you go for with your set-up, you can either have a smooth and effortless experience or a difficult one where you’ll need to adjust with a higher-tier option. For instance, an Eleaf ELLO-Tessera tank can store more juice and require less frequent cleaning sessions than a regular sub-ohm tank!

Factor #2: Burn quality and capacity

When you use a tank, you will want to look for something that gets the best burn possible. However, while a standard 30-watt tank puts out excellent smoke quality, it won’t fully reap the potential of your 100-watt mod.

In most cases, your choice of tank sets the bar for how much vapour your set-up puts out and how well its total wattage potential is utilised.

Suppose you have a SMOK Mag 225W TC Box Mod that puts out 225 watts, then you can use a GeekVape Shield Sub-Ohm tank that’s rated for 100 watts at most. However, you can fully reap the potential of the monster SMOK Mag mod’s 225-watt maximum rating better by going for a VGOD PRO Sub Tank that’s rated for a 200-watt capacity!

By paying attention to the type of tank you’re using, you can find an option that’s best suited to its capabilities so that you can have a much better burn quality in no time!


Among all the different parts of your vaping set-up that you need to watch out for, none are more valuable for your overall experience than the type of tank that you choose. Once you understand the effect that your choice of atty lends to the quality of your vape sessions, it can be a whole lot easier to improve your vaping experience by leaps and bounds!

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