Determining the Perfect Temperature to Vape Dry Herbs - What to Know -

Determining the Perfect Temperature to Vape Dry Herbs - What to Know

The idea of vaping didn't start during the time when vaporizers were utilized in hospitals to clear up the nose and lungs. It actually started many years ago, where cave dwellers used to toss rocks into a firepit followed with herbs to create vapour. The vape we know and love today, is more so designed to allow smokers to indulge in their hobby without having to deal with much of the negatives. Instead of delivering the good stuff with smoke, it is done with vapour.

One of the most effective ways to enhance your vaping experience is to find the perfect vaping temperature. Fortunately for you, doing this isn't so complicated, as all it takes is a bit of research.

So, what's the perfect temperature to vape dry herbs? Let's find out more below.

No Vaporizers are Exactly Alike

First, you must understand that there are no vaporizers that are a hundred per cent alike. There will always be some nuances that'll make it slightly different from others. Plus, the substance you vape will also react differently to different temperatures. What does this mean? This means that the perfect temperature won't be the same, though there is a consensus of what temperatures herbs should be vaped at.

The Perfect Temperature

The best temperature to vape dry herbs will ultimately depend on your preferences. If you want something mellow, you'll use lower temperatures. If you want something a little more substantial, going up the temperature will get you the desired outcome. That said, many people agree that vaping dry herbs will fall anywhere between 350 Fahrenheit (176 Celsius) to 390 Fahrenheit (199 Celsius).

As you might be able to tell, vaping dry herbs at 350 Fahrenheit, or around 176 Celsius, is going to give that mellow feeling that was mentioned above. That's because it is at this temperature that the herbs release their chemicals, the cannabinoids. It is also at this level that the vaper gets to enjoy that sense of relaxation and well-being, all thanks to the substance they're vaping.

The Risk of Going High

Remember, vaping is supposed to be a healthier alternative to smoking, meaning that there is next to no toxins involved when using vapes. For those who are used to that throat hit with cigarettes and other methods of substance delivery to smoke, however, pushing the vaporizer's temperature might be a method they'll rely on.

Unfortunately, know that vaping in high temps isn't as safe as doing it low. That's because the higher the temperatures go, the chances of burning the herb increase phenomenally. As a result, when the herb gets burned and toxins are released. This means that whether you're vaping as a hobby or doing it for medical reasons, going for lower temperatures is always a safer alternative.


Vaping at lower temperatures is the much-preferred choice over higher temps when vaping dry herbs. Not only does it allow the herbs to release their cannabinoids to benefit you fully, but it'll also avoid burning the dry herbs that'll only release toxins to hurt your body.

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