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A Quick Guide on What to Know About Sub Ohm Vaping

For many people, it is a fun and exciting experience to vape, which is why vaping has been all the rage these days. From experimenting with a variety of e-juices to forming large clouds of vapours, many vapers continue to explore what the world of vaping has to offer.

Speaking of cloud formation of vapours, sub-ohm vaping is worth all the hype as well. If you’re wondering what it is, sub-ohm vaping is a vaping style meant to produce clouds of vapour using a device in which the atomizer has a low resistance level (less than one ohm).

In this article, we’ll specifically cover what sub-ohm vaping entails. Keep on reading as well to find out more about the effects of wattage on your vape and what gear to choose for the right voltage adjustment.

Wattage in a nutshell

In a nutshell, a watt is a measurement of power used by an electrical device that refers to the amount of power in which electricity is used. Wattage pertains to the voltage over resistance.

As far as vaping is concerned, changing the wattage can make a difference in your overall vaping experience. When the wattage is increased, the more vapour, flavour, and warmth will be produced. You can increase the wattage by increasing the voltage that the atomizer coil receives or decreasing its ohms.

The effect of wattage on your vape

Sub-ohm vaping entails using a non-variable voltage source (such as a battery) in a mechanical vape mod. Two vital aspects must occur for the sub-ohm vaping to work: increase in the overall power output (wattage) of your vaping device and the decrease of the resistance (ohms) of coils.

Know that sub-ohm vaping isn’t only about decreasing the coil resistance, but also about increasing the power. By increasing the power that flows through the atomizer coil, the amount of heat generated is increased as well. This then leads to the heating up of the e-liquid to a higher temperature, resulting in greater and thicker cloud production.

Selecting the right gear for voltage adjustment

As you now know that there’s a need to increase voltage over resistance, choosing the right gear for voltage adjustment can work wonders in enhancing your vaping experience. When it comes to using the gear for sub-ohm vaping, there are two approaches to consider, such as:

Beginner vapers: It’s best to start with a vaping starter kit if you’re fairly new in the vaping world or lack the technical know-how to do so. Using this can help you adjust quickly to sub-ohm vaping.

Experienced vapers: It’s best to invest in a variable voltage or wattage device if you have long been vaping. These devices are the best and safest way to adjust the wattage in your device.


The vaping experience wouldn’t be complete without learning how to produce clouds of vapours. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, heed our advice and take your vaping experience to the next level with sub-ohm vaping because it is the ultimate experience in the world of vaping.

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