Figuring Out Whether You Have a Vape Pen or a Box Mods -

Figuring Out Whether You Have a Vape Pen or a Box Mods

Not all vape kits are the same. Too often, terms are used interchangeably in the wrong ways. This makes it harder to get the right parts and find the style that suits your preferences. If you want to make sure you’re looking at the right stuff next time you check a vape shop, learn the difference between a vape pen and a box mod.

Differences between Vape Pens vs Box Mods

Vape pens are, as the name suggests, pen-shaped and generally mouth-to-lung kits. Box mods, on the other hand, take on a rectangular box shape. The latter got their name since they were born from modified vaping cases in the early stages of e-cigarette smoking. 

Of course, there are other significant differences that really separate the two aside from visuals.

For starters, you will see an obvious difference in their sizes. Although both are quite portable in nature, a vape pen will be slim and have a long body. This makes pens easy to slip into pockets and pouches, but it also means you can’t stand them upright on a flat surface. A box mod will be bulkier and heavier, but its storage limitations are remedied by the fact that you can place it upright.

Their size difference also affects their battery capacity. The bigger the battery, the fewer times you will need to charge up. You’ll find that box mods have longer battery life.

Complexity and price also come into play here. Box mods have more complex features and are more tweakable. They offer you more freedom as a vaper, but it also means they are not quite as plug-and-play or ready from the box as a vape pen. 

A box mod will usually be pricier because of said complexity, but this also means that it may not always be as beginner-friendly. This is also why you may find more components in a vape pen’s box, as it is meant to be ready with everything needed for use right away.

Which One Should You Pick?

There is no “correct” answer to this question. After all, not everyone has the same challenges or preferences. Even beginners can easily find a starter kit that could be in either form. For the most part, the differences above should help you narrow down what you’re looking for and pick the kit that suits your style. 

It should be noted that every single model will still have its own specifications and features that may not always adhere to the general setup of the type of kit. This is why it is crucial to read the labels and check every aspect of the kit before making your purchase.

Should You Go For Other Vape Kits?

Although vape pens and mod boxes are arguably the most popular types of vape kits you may come across, there are many others out there. These other forms may be considered rather niche, though, since most kits will likely fall under one of the two categories.

Some kits that may pique your interest include the vape pod, disposable, sub-ohm kit, DL, and the older cig-a-like. It really comes down to a matter of preference. If you happen to be a collector, you will see a huge variety of designs and form factors that can change up the way you maintain and hit your vape.


Knowing the differentiating factors between popular vape kits can be very helpful, especially if you’re online vape shopping. After all, labels and descriptions may not always be enough to let you know what category a product falls under. These factors can help you determine whether the kit you’re eyeing is a pen or a box mod. 

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