Tips to Stop Your Tank from Leaking, and Other Vaping Issues -

Tips to Stop Your Tank from Leaking, and Other Vaping Issues

Vaping is not as simple as it looks, and there are many things you have to learn. Both beginners and experienced vape users will face some issues in the long run. However, it is most likely that experienced users will know some tricks on managing these issues.

If you are a beginner vape user, though, you probably will not know how to troubleshoot these issues. If you cannot handle these problems, you may end up damaging your system. In this article, we talk about the common issues vape users experience and different tips and tricks to manage them.

“My E-Juice Is Tasteless”

If this is the case, your first instinct would be to check the coil and your wattage and try other juice flavours. If they are okay, it is most likely that you have what is referred to as “vape mouth.” This means that your taste buds are now accustomed to the taste of your e-juice.

The first thing you can do here is to up your wattage a bit, but only to what your coil will allow you. If that does not work, you may want to try other flavours for a while. It is mostly found by vape users that menthol flavours help to cleanse your buds.

It is also advised that you keep hydrated while vaping. Vaping can result in a dry mouth, which may also be the reason you cannot taste well.

“My Coil Keeps Spitting Juice Droplets”

In this case, it is most likely that there is some juice that has spilt onto the coil. After a few hits, this will eventually stop as the coil has burnt off the juice. However, if you do not like the taste of the juice droplets in your mouth, it is not a problem.

Just hit the firing button for about three seconds without putting the vape in your mouth. This will easily burn off those juice droplets for you.

“My Tank Is Leaking”

The first thing to check here is if you are using the right type of juice. Higher power devices will need thicker juices or VG juice, while lower power devices need high PG or thinner juices. Check with your local vape shop if you are unsure what type of juice to use.

In addition to this, make sure that your coil is not old and it is screwed in properly as this could contribute to it. Lastly, ensure that you are not overfilling your tank. Leave some space from the top in your tank to avoid leakage.

“My Coil Is Not Wicking Properly”

Premade coils have different levels of cotton in them, making some not as absorbent as others. If you have changed coils recently, you may want to take breaks in between puffs. If this does not help, a little hack is to poke a few small holes in the wicking material of your coil with a needle.

Make sure to do this with caution, however. Poking too many needles will damage your coil and cause your juice to leak through.


These are the most commonly experienced issues by vape users and some tricks around them. If you are a beginner vape user and are facing other issues or have questions, it is recommended that you head to your local vape shop and consult with the experts. But for these common issues, the tips above will work well.

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