Does Your Vaping Device Need Temperature Control? -

Does Your Vaping Device Need Temperature Control?

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a nearby vape shop, or a veteran in the vaping world, you will have heard of how mods are always tinkering around, trying to make the experience of vaping a little better and safer. One of the features that most vapers are looking for is temperature control (TC).

Temperature control is not only supposed to protect you from overheating or releasing unwanted chemicals, but it also promises to create a more consistent vape even at longer drags.

In this article, we will look at how temperature control works and the benefits that it affords:

How it works

Temperature control works by letting your mod increase or decrease the resistance exerted on your metal coil at room temperature to set a baseline temperature, and proceeds to adjust it as you continue vaping. While the mod does most of the work, you should also be using stable vape wire that will generally have a predictable resistance value even in varying temperatures.

Because the most common TC vape wires use Nickel 200, Titanium Grade 1, Stainless Steel, and Kanthal, the mods will have presets that can be dialled in to select the correct temperature coefficient of resistance of these wires.

Why it’s important to have TC

Temperature control solves the problem of having “dry hits,” which is when vapers get an unpleasant whiff of smoke caused by a dry wick that’s beginning to burn up. With the mod constantly adjusting its resistance, the wick is much less likely surprise you with dry hits.

However, arguably the best advantage of having TC in your vape mod is in preventing you from inhaling formaldehyde molecules. This is because Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), which are two of the most common ingredients in e-liquids produce formaldehyde molecules, especially when your mod is operating at 5 volts. TC prevents this from happening by keeping the temperature at a constant rate.

All in all, TC eliminates even the already small risks of vaping and helps keep your vaping session enjoyable.

Important Disclaimers

Some people, particularly newcomers to the hobby or those who have never used a vape pen before, claim that TC is a safety feature that prevents vape pens from exploding. In the rare but highly announced instances of vape pens exploding, the culprit is generally malfunctioning batteries and not the heating elements found in the atomizer.

To keep your vapes safe for use, the Food and Drugs Administration recommends the following:

  • Read your manufacturer’s recommendations and use them according to those instructions.
  • Do not remove safety features or modify them without expert assistance.
  • Only use recommended batteries for your device, and make sure to only be using new batteries as much as possible. Do not use old and new batteries together.
  • Charge your vape on a clean and flat surface, away from any moisture or flammable materials, such as a couch or pillow.
  • Do not leave your vape in extreme temperatures, such as your car, where it can be exposed in sunlight or a freezing night.


The technology used in manufacturing vapes continues to progress, and before long, what minimal risks that are present in vaping will be eliminated. Until that day comes, vapers should adhere to safety procedures to ensure the safety of everybody.

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