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Why Your Vape Juice Has Turned Brown and How to Prevent It

Most, if not all, vape juices are golden brown when they come fresh out of the bottle. This is the colour it will stay in if you keep yours properly. However, if you notice that your vape juice has turned darker, that is a sign that it has not been cared for correctly.

More specifically, dark vape juice is a sign that the liquid has begun the oxidation process (similar to leaving a slice of apple exposed to air). While you might think that it is only the colour that changed, this is a sign that the contents have also altered. The nicotine inside might have lost its potency, and the flavours might have dulled.

So, how do you stop your e-juice from turning dark? Here is what you should do:

1. Store them properly

First and foremost, you should be storing your e-liquid correctly. This means that you should keep them in dark, airtight, glass bottles away from any heat source. While this will not stop oxidation completely (nothing will), it does slow down the process quite significantly. 

If you want to slow down oxidation, you can even place your juice in the fridge. This is especially true for e-liquids with nicotine, as they are notorious for going brown.

2. Don’t shake the e-liquid too much

When you shake your e-liquid, you are pretty much mixing in the oxygen faster into the vape juice. In other words, you are speeding up the process of oxidation even faster. Try to avoid any unnecessary shaking if possible. If you do need to mix the flavours once more, avoid agitating the liquid.

3. Avoid e-juice with sweeteners

Sweet e-juice has a tendency to burn on the coils, especially if the coil of your vape is not cleaned regularly. This, as you might be able to tell, will affect the e-liquid that is in the tank of your device.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid sweetened e-liquids altogether. If you like how they taste, you can still enjoy them provided that you clean the coils often. Otherwise, the sugars will caramelize on the coils and burn if left there.

4. Try not to mix different e-liquids

Whether you are mixing various flavours of e-juice to experiment with new tastes or are simply refilling your already-used bottle, vape juice that has already been exposed to the air will likely be partially oxidized. Any liquid that you introduce to this “old” juice might turn brown faster. 

In other words, try to avoid combining fresh juices with ones that have already been used.


By following our tips, you will ensure that oxidation is kept to a minimum. If you think that all these added precautions will hurt your vaping experience, think about the subpar experience a darkened liquid will give you. Like we said earlier, any flavourings and nicotine would have lost their potency, leading to an unsatisfying vape. You definitely don’t want that, so putting in that extra effort is well worth it!

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