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4 Reasons to Drop Disposable Vape Pens for Better Options

For many people, their first experience with vaping is with disposable vape pens, also known as disposable e-cigs. There are many reasons for this. For some, it was the affordability of vape pens, and for others, it may have been the accessibility. Regardless, vape pens are great for new users, but if you are interested in taking vaping further, then you may need to put down the disposable e-cigs. While giving that decent vaping experience, vape pens will come nowhere near what a reusable, rechargeable, and refillable pod mod can offer.

That being said, if you want to take your vaping experience to a new level, here's why you should put down the disposable vape pen.

They Are Cheaply Made

The reason individual disposable vape pens are cheap is that they're built cheaply. They won't last anywhere near the lifespan of a pod mod due to their flimsy casing, tiny batteries, cheap housings, and more. Even the chargeable versions of these vape pens can only be charged a handful of times, mostly because when they run out of e-juice, you're done for. Plus, the battery isn't all that great for charging, and you will find yourself replacing it often. Over time, this can be a hassle, not to mention a financial burden.

They Pollute the Environment

The terms “disposable” and “environment” don't go well together. The more disposable vape pens you use, the more you're going to end up throwing away. While this may seem like nothing on an individual level, it will pile up over time. Things get worse when you realise that these little devices contain batteries and cartridges that contain materials that will not be environmentally friendly. On the other hand, a pod mod will last for an incredibly long time, helping you cut down on the trash you make and allowing you to live greener.

They Cannot Match a Pod Mod

When it comes to vaping experience, pod mods are far superior to disposable vape pens. Many vape pen users might say something against this simply because they assume pod mods are too much of a hassle to be worth their time. However, pod mods are straightforward to use, and with the up in quality compared to vape pens, pod mods can offer that optimal vape experience. Plus, with the ability to meet preferred vaping styles, whether it be mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung, the pod mod can do this, whereas vape pens will struggle.

They Only Come In a Few Flavours

One of the biggest downfalls of disposable pens is that they lack flavours. While more and more manufacturers are starting to deliver more flavours into the disposable vape pen market, it is nothing near what refillables offer. Pod mods and the like have access to hundreds of thousands of flavours. If you are using disposables, you're missing out big time!


If you are looking to maximise your vaping experience, throw away that disposable vape pen and invest in a good quality pod mod instead. They offer you some of the best vaping experiences you will ever get, and because they're beginner-friendly, they can act as a starting point to a fantastic vaping journey ahead. That said, if you still are happy with disposable vape pens, we're not stopping you. Go ahead and enjoy what the pens have to offer! However, if you do want to take things further, consider investing in a pod mod.

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