Choose Your Vape: The Main Classifications of Vape Devices -

Choose Your Vape: The Main Classifications of Vape Devices

There are many different types of vape devices in the UK. Different choices mean different settings and customisation levels. Most online vape shops now carry an array of vaping formats with mod parts and accessories to choose from.

The modifications and builds of different vapes fit different kinds of personal use and substance levels. Having different classes of vape devices helps address different vaper needs.

Here are some of the main vape device classifications below. Each has slight differences in the way it provides vapour.

E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Vapes

E-cigs and nicotine vapes may look different in their cartridges and battery combinations. But both are used for nicotine vaping. Most models look like cigarette pens or small vape devices with removable nicotine carts or cartridges. These devices provide high-nicotine doses with satisfying smoke density levels and strong flavour profiles.

Disposable Vapes

You can also use disposable vapes, which are cheaper one-use versions of vapes. They are not rechargeable and come pre-charged with preloaded vape oil flavours. You just dispose of it properly once you consume all of the vape carts. 

It is a perfect smoking option for travellers who don’t want to bring their mod rigs. They can just buy disposables wherever they are and use them until they run out, with no need to maintain and set up mod vapes. Just use it and go. It provides perfect smoking convenience.


Pod vapes work the same as regular E-cig vape kits. It is mainly composed of a rechargeable battery and a pod-type cartridge that you dispose of when fully consumed. Many nicotine salt e-liquid fans prefer pods since the resulting smoke is smoother and less dense with less thick clouds.

Box Vape Mods

Box mods have bigger and longer-lasting batteries for longer vape session use. These units usually have custom features, such as increased power wattage and variable temp controls. The result is gaining even bigger clouds of smoke with a lot of flavours.

Squonk Mod Kits

The actual name squonk might refer to the weird cryptid creature, but it also refers to a specialised mod vape. It has a squeezable bottle that provides direct Eliquid loads to the atomiser. This type is a convenient mod variation for those who want to reload e-juice directly without having to lug around e-liquid bottles.

Cannabis and CBD Vapes

Cannabis and CBD devices are a class on their own. The same vaping principles apply, but their carts have a different load and flavour profile because they are mostly used as medical vape devices.

Portable cannabis vapes are usually small and discrete for easy use. They include oil pens with vape oil carts. These compact devices feature simple temp controls and basic settings. The cloud density of the smoke is much lower, similar to pods. It delivers vaporised CBD and THC, and the smoke is much more concentrated than thick. Other vape types are for home use. They are also medical-grade but with a more advanced setup and can vaporise cannabis herb or flower.

Final Notes

Today you can choose from different types of vape devices with varying controls and features. You can use them either for nicotine or smoke, CBD or THC oils for medical-grade vape use. Whichever you need, there is a pod, pen, vape mod, or specialised vape device that can duly answer your smoking needs.

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