Here’s a Comprehensive Explainer About Squonk Mods -

Here’s a Comprehensive Explainer About Squonk Mods

Vaping continues to prove itself to be more than a passing fad. More and more people are into it, which leads to plenty of supporting elements, such as new and updated mods coming about. 

Everyone has their own preferences, though many tend to swing between styles before finally settling on a particular favourite. One such style is known as squonking, which uses the squonk mod.

Paired with a bottom-feed rebuildable drip atomiser (RDA), the squonk mod allows for vaping through soaking the cotton by way of a squeezable eliquid bottle.

What Is the Squonk Mod?

The squonk mod device can store and supply eliquid while giving a hit from rebuildable coils. It began around the 2009 to 2010 range, debuting along with an unofficial mod someone put out online. 

While that initial mod failed, the style of vaping did not. As previously mentioned, it soaks cotton in eliquid through a squeezable bottle and a short tube. Basically, the device has an eliquid bottle included with the casing. It also has a battery and dripper.

A tube keeps the squeeze bottle attached as it runs into the 510 connection, leading to the 510-centre pin. 

The two key types of this are as follows:

Regulated Squonk Mod - Regulated squonk mods have VW/VV chipsets and are fully featured. Users can choose their exact wattage as they go along. It is the safest possible means of going about this.

Unregulated Squonk Mod - Depending on the resistance of an unregulated squonk mod, atomisers can access the battery's power in the rawest sense.

Users should note that they need to keep Ohm's law in mind as they build according to the safety limits of the battery.

A classic squonk mod generally involves:

  • An eliquid bottle
  • A squonk mod
  • Battery
  • Bottom-feeding squonk that's RDA-compatible
  • Bottom feed pin

Other Types of Squonk Mods

Aside from the previously mentioned regulated and unregulated mods, there are other squonk mod types available. For example, semi-regulated mods bring on direct power from the battery with added chips. These chips are rooted in safety features, including the likes of short circuit protection and on/off. These devices then set a maximum wattage output cap. 

Fully regulated devices afford all vapers, from the casual ones to the more dedicated ones, convenient use, safety, and a range of customisation options. It leads to fine-tune settings, digital displays, and battery life monitors being the norm. It's the best choice to make for people who have no experience with safety measures of unregulated devices.

How to Do the Squonk Properly?

  1. Squeeze the bottle gently until eliquid is visibly rising into the RDA.
  2. Release the bottle until it's back to its original shape.
  3. Vape freely until the flavour is dwindling, at which point you should repeat the process.


Squonk mods are a popular vaping device that works to aid the popular style of squonking. The device has an eliquid bottle included in the casing. When in doubt, regulated mods are the safest option, which involves full features to meet a user’s needs and preferences.

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