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A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping in 2021

If you walked into a vape shop and saw a bunch of e-cigarette devices, you would probably feel a little overwhelmed. All those boxes and parts, coupled with the lingo that vape shop employees often use, can leave a newcomer feeling anxious and a little bit confused. As a first-time vaper, it's essential to understand the parts, components, and lingo associated with an e-cigarette device. Here’s a simple guide to help you learn the basics of vaping.

Vape Terms for Beginners

The first step to a superior vaping experience is a basic understanding of the components of a vape pen. Here's a quick rundown of what each part does:

The Vaporizer: This is the piece of the device that heats up your vape juice and turns it into vapour. In most cases, the vaporizer is the translucent tank at the top of your vape pen.

The Coil: Coils are what turn the power from your vape pen into heat. When you purchase a new vape pen, the coil is one of the components that you should inspect. You should notice a light layer of organic cotton surrounding the coil. This cotton acts as a wick that pulls the juice into the coil. If the cotton is dark or has turned brown, it's time to replace your coil.

The Juice: Also known as eLiquid, vape juice is practically the liquid being vaporized by your vape device. Four components make up vape juice—propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavouring, and nicotine.

The Basics of Vaping

First, it’s important for you to understand the basics. If you’re a regular smoker, you may find that vaping doesn’t feel as strong as smoking. Aside from tasting better than cigarette smoke, the inhaled vapour hits your throat in a unique way. If you’re a first-time vaper, take small hits first until you feel comfortable.

For people who have never smoked, vaping can feel a bit more intense the first time if it’s too much to handle. There's really nothing to worry about since most vaping kits allow people to make the vapour thicker or thinner depending on their preferences. Allowing the vapour-production settings to change makes it easier to adjust until you feel comfortable.

You also need to consider the makeup of the vape juice you’re going to use, as it will affect how the vapour hits your throat and the overall experience for you. Watch out for the VG and PG levels of the vape juice before purchasing one. Any liquid with higher concentrations of VG gives you a smoother hit. On the other hand, a higher level of PG lets you create bigger clouds and more vapour.

What are Vape Starter Kits?

A starter kit is all about getting started with vaping right away. For some, that means a vape pen with pre-filled pods of e-juice. Others are more comfortable with customized settings, so they prefer a vape mod with a tank system.

Ideally, your starter kit will come with everything you need to start vaping immediately—battery, cartridge or tank, and charger. Once you have everything you need, you can finally get out there and experience the amazing world of vaping.


Going into the hobby of vaping is a rewarding and satisfying experience. However, the quality of the experience depends on how much you know about the equipment you need for vaping. As you try out new types of vape and eLiquids, you’ll have a better idea of what works for you.

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