Flavour, Vapour, and Hit: How to Find the eJuice for You

The United Kingdom has around 3.6 million adults who use e-cigarettes as of 2021. Studies predict this number to rise as more people convert from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

Although many have found transitioning to e-cigarettes easy, some can’t make the switch just yet. One reason is the lack of knowledge of vape eJuice types and ratios.

If you find eLiquid choices confusing and overwhelming, keep reading because this article aims to help you.

Vape eJuice Components

All eLiquids have two base components: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). These chemicals react to create a vapour that mimics smoking’s feel and look when heated. Since these chemicals are sugar alcohols and not oils, they can’t cause any medical issues related to smoking cigarettes or inhaling oils.

The PG-VG ratios appear as percentages in eLiquid information and packaging. For example, an eLiquid with 60 per cent PG and 40 per cent VG would be displayed either as 60/40 PG/VG or 60PG/40VG

Propylene Glycol

PG is a colourless and odourless chemical. Aside from the vaping industry, PG is used as a food preservative and an asthma inhaler ingredient.

As an eLiquid component, PG is responsible for the ‘throat hit’ or the sensation of smoking. It is also in charge of carrying the liquid’s flavour.

Vegetable Glycerine

VG is a viscous, slightly sweet, vegetable-derived chemical. In addition to being a component in eLiquids, VG is also used to boost wound healing, moisturise the skin, reduce skin irritation, and protect the skin against infection.

Unlike PG, VG doesn't hit the throat as hard and lends itself to a smoother throat feel. Moreover, VG is responsible for creating larger and more dramatic vapour clouds. Lastly, VG can carry flavour, but it is not as efficient compared to PG. 

Finding the eLiquid Ratio for You

When choosing the right PG-VG ratio for you, you have to consider three things: flavour, vapour, and hit.


There are many eLiquid flavours available in the market. But when talking about PG-VG ration, you need to know if you want to taste more or less of the flavour.

Since PG carries flavour well, PG-heavy eLiquids will have more pronounced tastes. Some eLiquid producers suspend the flavourings in VG. However, these liquids are not as common or effective as PG-suspended flavourings.


All VG-PG ratios will produce some amount of vapour. But if you find satisfaction in puffing out large clouds, you may want to bump up your liquid’s VG content.

VG is responsible for creating clouds. Therefore, the higher the VG content, the larger the vapour you will produce. 


Different people look for various vaping sensations. Those who use vaping as a cigarette smoking replacement will probably want the feeling of inhaling smoke that hits the back of their throat, much like smoking cigarettes. In this case, ratios with higher PG content are ideal.

In case you want a smoother throat hit, liquids with higher VG concentrations will do the trick. It also works for people who opt for sub-ohm vaping. 


The PG-VG ratio in vape eJuices affects the flavour, vapour, and throat feel. Most people go the middle-of-the-road route with a 50/50 balanced ratio. This is ideal for novice vapers who want to get the feel of their device first.

Vapers who know exactly what they want can play with ratios. You only have to remember that PG-heavy eLiquids have a stronger flavour, stronger throat, and less cloud. On the other hand, VG-heavy liquids produce more clouds, medium taste, and low throat hit. 

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