Why Is Shortfill E-liquid Popular in the Vaping Market Today?

Shortfill e-liquids are a significant source of revenue for vape shops in the United Kingdom. Consequently, vaping’s popularity also results in future sales of high-end vaping equipment. If you own a vape shop in the United Kingdom, you may find that some of your customers have avoided purchasing high-end vaping devices and tanks. This is most likely due to their concern for e-liquid bottle waste.

How Were Shortfill E-liquids Introduced to the Market?

When the first electronic cigarette was introduced in 2003, nobody could have predicted its impact. We've seen a rapid evolution of devices and e-liquids over the last two decades. Initially designed to assist smokers in quitting, vaping has developed into a cultural phenomenon that is hotly debated among enthusiasts and endorsed by medical professionals such as the NHS. 

Millions of people have been able to quit smoking as a result of vaping. Despite its growing popularity, it cannot be marketed or sold in the same way to consumers.

The United Kingdom adopted the Tobacco Products Directive in May 2016. The intent behind shortfill e-liquid packaging was to reduce excess packaging to reduce the appeal of e-cigarettes for those against vaping. As a result, any flavour of e-liquid that contains more than 20mg per ml is required to be sold in a 60ml bottle.

Since then, many have called for reducing the amount of e-liquid required to fill a 60ml bottle due to waste and bottle costs. The main concern is that vape shops have to throw away a lot of empty e-liquid bottles.

In England, the government has announced plans to reduce the e-liquid required to be sold in a bottle. Shops have always been required to comply with the Tobacco Product Directive, and most did not sell six-millilitre bottles.

Top Reasons Why to Use Shortfill E-liquids

Reduce Waste While Increasing Revenues

Vape shops across the United Kingdom have struggled to reduce the amount of e-liquid bottle waste. Many shops continue to receive complaints from customers due to e-liquid bottle waste. For vape shops, this translates to lost revenue.

You can offer your customers shortfill e-liquids in 60ml bottles to reduce their e-liquid waste and encourage one-time purchases. Shortfill e-liquids will encourage your customers to continue to purchase high-end tanks and devices.

Increase Share of Sales

Many vape shops across the United Kingdom still offer 60ml bottles of e-liquid. Their business model is mainly dependent on one-time purchases and exchanges. If you sell shortfill e-liquids, you can still encourage your customers to purchase 60ml bottles of e-liquid, but you can make one-time purchases more critical.

Reduce Costs

Some vape shops in the United Kingdom have adopted a package of e-liquid that includes a one-time purchase with the option of shipping and more. This option allows vape shops to reduce the cost of e-liquid packaging and shipping.

You can also offer shortfill e-liquids in various sizes to encourage customers to buy e-liquid in one-time purchases.

How to Use Shortfills

The easiest way to use shortfill e-liquids is with a cartridge. You can place the shortfill e-liquid in a cartridge with a compatible tank.

If you want to sell shortfill e-liquids, you will need to have a storage system that is secure and safe for customers. If you do not have a storage system in place, consider asking a vape shop or e-liquid manufacturer to help you set one up.


The trend of using shortfill e-liquids has revolutionized shop sales in the United Kingdom. Shortfill e-liquids encourage repeat purchases of high-end vaping devices and equipment. It has significantly reduced environmental damage by throwing away fewer empty e-liquid bottles. is a well-known online vape shop in the UK. Our wide selection of high-quality products and excellent customer service have made us a popular choice for UK vapers. Check out our selections today!