Getting More Nicotine from Your Vape: A Guide for New Vapers -

Getting More Nicotine from Your Vape: A Guide for New Vapers

Many benefits come with using electronic cigarettes, or as they are more popularly known as vape. This is especially true for people who need their daily nicotine fix but want to regulate it. People who have gotten used to smoking more than ten cigarettes daily may be able to satisfy their nicotine craving using a vape. 

People who have developed smoker’s cough and other medical conditions resulting from smoking may be looking for a better way to curb their appetite for nicotine. However, some may be apprehensive about trying vape, especially if they have gotten set in their ways of smoking cigarettes. This blog post will help open your mind up about vaping and how to make sure you will make the most of your vaping experience.

Getting More Nicotine from Your Vape: A Guide for New Vapers

Newbie vapers who are in the process of transitioning from smoking to using a vape may find that the experience is different from what they are used to. Experts believe that vaping is less dangerous to the lungs because the throat will absorb the vapour instead of the lungs. This may help get rid of some of the medical conditions that are caused by smoking.

Why You May Need More Nicotine in Your Vape

However, since how the nicotine is absorbed is different, you may need more nicotine to satisfy your nicotine craving.

Ways to Get More Nicotine from Your e-Cigarette

Luckily, there are two quick ways to get more nicotine from your vape. Read on to find out how you can get more nicotine content per puff.

1 - Get a Stronger e-Liquid

The most straightforward way to up the nicotine content of your vape is to choose an e-liquid that will have higher nicotine content. There will be different types and flavours of e-liquids or “vape juice,” as they call it, and you can choose one with a higher concentration of nicotine.

2 - Decrease the Resistance of Your Coil and Increase Power

Another quick way to get more nicotine per puff is to lower the resistance of your coil. This is how it works: the coils inside your vape’s tank heats the liquid and produces vapour. To generate more vapour (and more nicotine) is to decrease your coil’s resistance. The resistance of your coil is measured in ohms. Lowering this resistance will help you get the most of your vaping experience in terms of nicotine content. However, for this to work, you need to increase the power of your vape to avoid burning out your coil. Doing these two steps together will ensure that you get the nicotine content you are looking for. 

Many benefits come

Experts believe that making the shift from conventional cigarettes to vaping is a good decision. Healthwise, experts say that you will lower the nicotine content you consume over time, making your smoking habit less dangerous to your overall health. Also, vaping can offer fun flavours that just wouldn’t be available in cigarette form! No matter how you look at it, switching to vape is a great decision!

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