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Ohms, Volts, and Watts: Why and How Do They Matter in Vape?

If you spend enough time with enough vaping aficionados these days, you're sure to hear about volts, watts, and Ohm settings. For the new user, these terms might ring a bell from high school. But how it applies to the vaping experience can be pretty confusing. 

Still, if you're joining the vaping scene, you'll want to know what all of this fuss is about. Charge up your vape expertise by reading on!

Volts, Ohms, Watts: What are They Doing in the Vaping World?

To summarize, by keeping the voltage high and the resistance low, you may have a stronger throat hit with intense flavour and more vapour, and vice versa. Read on further to learn their specific nuances.

What exactly is an Ohm?

The SI unit of resistance is ohms, and it is inversely proportional to current. The more excellent the resistance of your e-atomizer, the less electricity will flow through it. If there is less resistance, there will be more electricity, which will result in more heat, which will result in more vapour and, in most cases, more incredible flavour. You will receive less vapour if your atomizer is measured at a greater ohm.

On the other hand, the more electricity (lower ohm) you use, the faster your battery will be depleted, and your atomizer will burn out.

What exactly is Watts?

Let's start this with an easy example. Connect a pipe to a tap and turn on the water. What did you observe when you partially blocked the pipe hole with your finger? The water flow delivered by the tap is the same, but it flows with greater force and speed. Wattage serves the same purpose in an e-cigarette. Consider it the ultimate objective of your vaping equipment. You can increase the wattage generated if you have adequate voltage. This usually goes hand in hand with volts because more voltage (energy potential) is required to generate more watts in your gadget.

What exactly is voltage?

Voltage is the potential difference that allows you to alter the wattage of your vaporizer, which manages your e-cigarette. The strength of current delivered to the atomizer may be changed in two ways, depending on the battery: by maintaining the wattage variable and keeping the voltage variable.

Higher volts for vaping allow you to enhance the power (watts) utilized in your vaping. If you pair it with a lower ohm atomizer, you'll be able to produce massive clouds of vapour.


This pretty much covers everything essential you need to know. However, you will only have a better understanding of it if you vape yourself. You'll find that ohms, volts, and watts are more commonplace than you thought.  For the vast majority of individuals making the switch to vaping, knowing that you will eventually achieve the performance you desire from your device is sufficient. Experiment with varying the voltage/wattage and resistance on your gadget to see what changes.

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