The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Pod Vaping -

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Pod Vaping

The majority of new vapers begin with vape pods. They are the best option because they have a higher nicotine capacity and a lower wattage output. Furthermore, vape pods are easier to transport when travelling because they are smaller.

It is important to note that the operation of vape pods differs from that of a standard vape atomiser. When producing nicotine vapours, a vape pod, as the name implies, uses a pod rather than an atomiser. A pod is smaller in size, and its designers purposefully designed it to be compact for ease of use. The introduction of nicotine salts has increased the popularity of vape pods in recent years.

Why are vape pods suitable for beginners? It's because there isn't much to learn to use it. Here are some basic steps you should take if you decide to use vape pods.

Get Your Vape on with a Starter Kit

You should get a vape starter kit because they provide the most detailed instruction on vaping. It is also critical to check the language used for the instruction manual, as you may struggle to read if the unit has Chinese text on it.

Additionally, vape pod starter kits come pre-filled with e-juice. However, if your unit is empty, make sure to fill it before using it.

Pick the Best E-juice to Use

Choose the e-juice flavour that most appeals to you, followed by the nicotine level that is most appealing to you. Your pod kit will contain a different amount of nicotine depending on whether you are a light, heavy, or recreational smoker. Higher nicotine concentrations are recommended for lower-powered devices, medium concentrations for low-to-medium-powered devices, and lower concentrations for higher-powered vapes.

Remember that the nicotine level in the best e-juice for your vape pod should be appropriate for the power of your device.

Using the Various Methods, Correctly Inhale the Vape Pods

It is critical to understand that there are two primary methods of vaping: mouth to lung and direct to lung. Your technique is determined by the device you are using. You may experience coughing and an unpleasant nicotine rush if you inhale an e-cigarette incorrectly. Your inhalation technique can make or break your vaping experience.

Direct Lung Hit Procedure

This inhalation technique is similar to sucking air through a milkshake straw and is best used with larger vapes. This method produces more vapour. Due to the low to zero nicotine content, the e-cigar puffing process is smooth and easy.

Mouth to Lung Draw

MTL (Mouth to Lung Draw) is like sucking air through a coffee straw. If your pod has a high-resistance coil and contains a lot of nicotine, this method is better. Like smoking a traditional cigarette, this inhaling process produces less vapour and provides a pleasant throat sensation.

Final Words

In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, an increasing number of people are switching from tobacco to pod vaping. Pod vapes are the most effective way to kick the habit of smoking. These types of vapes have the potential to prevent millions of smoking-related deaths each year.

We hope that this article has shed some light on the advantages of switching to pod vaping. What are you waiting for?

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