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Different Vape Battery Types and How to Take Care of Them

Every person has a vape kit preference. Some like the cigarette-like feel of a pen kit, while others like the heftiness of a box kit. However, regardless of whether you enjoy using pen vape kits or box kits, there is one thing that everyone needs—a reliable battery. 

Vape batteries are crucial components of a vape’s hardware. They provide the power to vaporise the e-liquid to produce the vape and cloud.

What are the different kinds of vape kit batteries, and how do you maximise battery life? This blog will discuss all of that and more.

Integrated vs Replaceable Vape Batteries

Most batteries can be categorised into two groups: integrated and replaceable. The battery type typically depends on the kit’s construction.

Integrated Batteries

Integrated batteries are built-in batteries that are not meant to be removed or replaced. They usually use either lithium-ion or lithium-polymer to power the device. These batteries are combined with the vape kit’s controls, circuitry, and outer casing to form a unified system.

Kits using integrated batteries have little battery maintenance to do. They only need to plug in the device’s micro-USB and charge it like any device. 

You can usually find these battery types in smaller pods and pen vape kits. Most entry-level devices and some advanced mods have these batteries as well.


  • Little to no battery maintenance
  • Easy-to-charge
  • No need to constantly purchase batteries


  • Once the battery fails, you need to replace the whole kit

Replaceable Batteries

Replaceable batteries are the typical AA or AAA-size batteries. They are placed in a battery chamber where users can swap them out at any time. Although you may use zinc-ion batteries as the cheaper battery cell alternative, most vapers prefer lithium-ion batteries. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries may be expensive off the bat, but they are cheaper in the long run.

Vape kits with replaceable batteries have a little more maintenance to do. Since charging in the unit is not an option, users may need to carry around extra batteries or a dedicated battery charger.

Most of the advanced mods available in the market today use replaceable batteries. Essentially, a switch from the pod to a mod is changing from the integrated battery to a replaceable one. Although some mod kits have USB ports, they are meant for data transfers and updates. They will not charge the system.


  • Depending on the mod type, the ability to generate more power when needed
  • Generates more power over a longer period
  • You can easily replace a failed battery without changing the whole device
  • More battery choices


  • More battery maintenance needed
  • Standalone charger needed
  • Must have backup batteries at all times

Ways to Maximise Vape Battery Life

Since your vaping experience relies on the reliability of your device’s battery, you need to find ways to maximise its life. Here are some ways you can follow to do that:

  • Store your batteries in a cool, dark place
  • Use the device regularly to prevent the battery from failing
  • Make sure to have at least 40 per cent battery if storing it for a long time
  • Recharge batteries when they are at 20 per cent rather than waiting for them to discharge fully
  • Do not fully charge the battery; 90 per cent capacity is ideal
  • Charge only when necessary
  • Switch the device completely off when not in use
  • Use a case for your device and batteries


Vape batteries are an important part of the vaping experience. Whether integrated or replaceable, batteries can last a long time when you care for them properly. Vapers must take care of their devices, along with their batteries, to get the most out of their vaping experience.

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