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Vape Pods: A Complete Guide on Cleaning Vape Pods

You already know how much a pod-based device may improve your vaping experience if you have a vaping pod system. You'll need a pod system to get the most out of the high-strength nicotine salt e-liquids that most beginning vapers buy from an online vape shop in the UK.

Pod systems are also among the tiniest, sleekest, and most trendy vaping devices available, and the greatest part is that they're also quite affordable.

While purchasing a pod vaping kit is quite inexpensive, some new vapers may be disappointed to discover that their pods are burning out faster.

After all, vape pods aren't cheap; you want them to last as long as possible, and you want to be able to refill them multiple times before having to replace them.

This post will teach you how to clean vape pods, an essential skill for everyone with a vaping pod system. When a pod's atomiser coil starts to emit a burnt flavor, it's not always the case that it's broken or damaged. The coil is much more prone to be clogged with residue. You can restore the pod's original flavor and reuse it instead of throwing it away by removing the residue.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning a Vape Pod

Why is it so vital to know how to clean a vape pod? Aside from e-liquid residue, the burnt flavor is caused by nothing physically wrong with the pod's atomiser coil. The flavor is caused by e-liquid residue, and removing it will reveal a perfectly good atomiser coil that functions nearly as well as a new coil.

Note that the atomiser coil is a permanent component of some pod vaping systems and cannot be replaced.

Because liquid may only enter and exit the pod through a single little filling hole, cleaning your pod cartridges will be tough. If the coil is removable, cleaning a vape pod is significantly easier.

Let's look at how to clean your soiled vape pods.

  • Pour boiling water halfway into a large mixing bowl. Because vape pods are composed of plastic, boiling the water will cause the plastic to degrade or melt.
  • Fill your vape pod. Remove any coils from the pod that can be removed. Put the two items in the water. Vape pods are hollow and will most likely float. Hold the pod down to fill it with water. Cleaning the pod will be difficult if it is not submerged.
  • To create agitation and break up the residue, swish the pod and coil in the water. Allow a few minutes for the things to soak in the water before swishing them again. You'll observe some dark specks floating in the water or inside the pod if the pod contains a non-removable coil.
  • After emptying the basin, fill it with extra hot water. Swirl the pod and coil many times to break up the residue. When dark particles in the water stop appearing, the coil is clean. If you're using a pod with a built-in coil, you may need to rinse it under the tap to remove some of the specks.
  • Coil the pod after removing it from the water. Tap the pod on a paper towel to drain most of the water. Allow the pod and coil to air dry for several hours before using them again.

Is it Always Possible to Clean a Burned Vape Pod?

Last but not least, cleaning your vape pods can only remove the burnt flavor if the problem is caused by residue on the coil. A damaged wick could also cause a burnt flavor in the pod; in this instance, the only remedy is to replace the pod or coil.

It can burn if the wick on a coil isn't moist when you vape in the UK. If you vape with an empty pod, this can happen because you neglected to refill it. It's also possible to start vaping after inserting a fresh pod or coil.


It's vital to wait several minutes after replacing a vape coil before vaping to ensure that the wick is properly saturated with vape juice.

You'll be able to tell the difference between coil residue and a charred wick with practice. Coil residue has a slightly sweet flavor, similar to burnt sugar. A wick that has been damaged, on the other hand, produces a considerably stronger flavor that burns the back of your throat. Now that you've learned to tidy up the vape pods correctly, it's time to buy more kits and accessories from a vape shop!

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