Vape Juice

How and Why You Should Store Your Vape Juice Correctly

As with many food products, e-liquid contains organic components such as nicotine and VG that must be carefully preserved to keep their freshness. The way you store your vape juice can affect its shelf life and its flavour and quality. So it is best to keep it in an appropriate container.

This article will instruct you on how to store vape juice to maintain its freshness and flavour for as long as possible.

Why Is It Important to Properly Store Your Vape Juice?

When storing your vape juice, you are trying to keep it away from heat, light, and oxygen. These three things will degrade the organic components in your vape juice, which will cause the flavour to degrade and lessen the shelf life.

If you choose to store your e-liquid in an unregulated mod, it is essential to know that the battery that powers your device is not intended to keep your e-liquid fresh. The heat from your battery will warm up your e-liquid. This will speed up the degradation process of the vape juice.

Moreover, if you want to store your vape juice in a regulated mod, ensure it has a window and a vent to let the vapour escape, so your vape juice will not heat up.

How to Store Your Vape Juice Correctly?

1. Store Your Vape Juice in a Cool and Dark Place

If you are storing your vape juice in your pocket, purse, bag or any other pocket that is not in a cool and dark place, it will be exposed to light, heat and oxygen. This will cause the flavour of your vape juice to degrade rapidly.

Avoid storing your juice in your car, the dashboard, glove compartment, seat pockets or any other place exposed to light, heat and oxygen.

2. Avoid Carrying Your Vape Juice in a Bag or Pocket With Other E-liquids

If you want to prevent the flavour in your vape juice from mixing with other e-liquids, you should store them in different bags and pockets. You should also avoid placing your vape juice in your phone's same bag or pocket. Phones are susceptible to E-Liquid, which can cause damage to the gadget.

3. Only Use Glass Bottles to Store Your Vape Juice

Glass bottles have an advantage that plastic cannot offer. Plastic is permeable to oxygen and can cause the flavour of your vape juice to degrade. If you use plastic to store your e-liquid, it will slowly deplete the taste and the quality of your e-juice.

4. Change the Bottle of Your E-liquid Every Month

E-liquid has organic components that can quickly degrade if exposed to too much oxygen. If you want to extend the shelf life of your e-liquid, it is best to change the container of your vape juice every month.


In the long run, proper storage is the best way to protect your e-liquid from damage. It will lessen the risk of contamination and deterioration. Thus, you can enjoy vaping for a longer period of time. The instructions for storing your vape juice are simple: keep it away from heat, light, and oxygen. Otherwise, you risk losing the flavour of your vape juice, and therefore, its quality.

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