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Recommended Vape Qualities and Features for Heavy Smokers

If you are a chronic smoker, you're likely to crave more nicotine than the average person, making switching to vaping a challenge. To switch successfully, you need a vaping setup that delivers nicotine efficiently.

Instead, you need something that satisfies that nicotine craving and gives you a strong throat hit. The small disposable vapes and e-cigs available for sale in convenience stores probably won't satisfy heavy smokers, so you'll need to buy a vape kit that supplies everything you need.

In this article, we will explain the qualities and features we believe are best for heavy smokers. These will fit the needs of smokers with a high nicotine tolerance and work to satisfy your craving for nicotine. So, what should you look for in a vape?

1. A Vape That Is Refillable

If you smoke cigarettes occasionally, you can probably get away with a disposable e-cig, but if you're a chronic smoker, you're going to want to buy a vape that is refillable. A refillable vape kit that is high-quality will last much longer than a disposable e-cig. This means you'll have to buy fewer products.

It also means that vaping will be cheaper in the long run. Refillable kits are also typically more customisable. You can refill your own e-juice, choose your own e-juice flavour, and adjust all of your settings to your liking.

2. A Vape That Can Handle Strong E-Liquids

While you can vape some e-liquids with a low nicotine concentration, you'll probably want a vape that can handle strong e-liquids. You should be aware that vapes are only able to handle e-liquids with a maximum nicotine concentration of one per cent. This means that if you're a heavy smoker and want a high nicotine concentration, you'll want a vape capable of handling e-liquids with a maximum nicotine concentration of at least three per cent.

3. A Vape with User-Friendly Design

Heavy smokers are likely to vape more frequently than most people. If you're going to vape in public, you'll want a small and compact vape for convenient storage in your pocket or purse. If you're going to use it in public, you'll want a kit that is transparent and easy to clean. Vapes with various coil options and refillable cartridges also offer more convenience.

4. A Vape with Long Battery Life

The longer your battery lasts, the longer you will be able to vape between charges. Like any other electronic device, the more you use it, the faster your battery will die. Some vapes have more powerful batteries than others, and some have batteries that let you charge them via USB. If you're planning on taking your vape with you on the go, you should consider how much battery life you will need.


We hope the information we've provided will help you select the proper setup to help you quit smoking. It's important to remember that quitting smoking is a process, and you may not be able to quit cold turkey. If you are a heavy smoker and have tried to quit in the past unsuccessfully, it may be time to try vaping. It may just be what you need to help you quit smoking for good.

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