Here’s Why Salt-Based Vape Juices Boost Vape Experiences -

Here’s Why Salt-Based Vape Juices Boost Vape Experiences

There are many trends when it comes to vaping, and one of the latest ones that are on a steady rise involves nicotine salts. Numerous vapers all over the world have gotten a strong sense of satisfaction through this new vaping style, and the amount of smokers who convert to vape has gone up through it as well. 

Prior to this, freebase nicotine was what vapers had to work with. It's the tobacco plant's natural nicotine compound that undergoes modification through chemicals. Unfortunately, it didn't come close to the satisfaction most people found in cigarette nicotine.

The wide availability of salt-based vape e-juice in the UK is great news for people who love nicotine since they will be far more able to satisfy their cravings for nicotine.

Here are some reasons why vape juices that are salt-based boost vape experiences:

It packs a punch when hitting the throat

A throat hit that is quite powerful upon inhalation is one factor that contributed to salt-based nicotine's popularity. The aforementioned sensation on a physical scale is something that previous smokers generally adore. Meanwhile, freebase nicotine is unable to conjure the same effect. The throat hit one gets from salt-based nicotine has an incredible similarity to what one would get from a cigarette. There will be more satisfaction from people who used to smoke or are trying to gradually quit when they vape using e-juice that is salt-based.

The buzz from the nicotine is much more intense

A key trait that is quite specific to salt-based nicotine is how it has a similar effect on the body as cigarette nicotine. This is not to say high nicotine strength could not be found for freebase nicotine e-juice in the UK and elsewhere. It's simply that they were unable to provide the same kind of "buzz" that nicotine lovers were trying to chase down. High-wattage devices could not properly process the freebase nicotine since it was quite unstable in the chemical sense. 

In contrast, salt-based nicotine has no problems when it comes to vaping devices' wattage going high. On the opposite end, the benzoic acid it is mixed with means that low wattages will have no issues either. 

Vape in itself becomes a less complicated process to start

Since salt-based nicotine can still deliver pleasure and satisfaction at wattages on the lower level of the scale, it's unnecessary for people to go through a lengthy setting adjustment process. Many people who would like to begin vaping tend to baulk at the idea of having to learn a lot about terms and the technology itself. This allows for a practically hassle-free entry into the vaping world, with a powerful e-juice to boot.

Vaping turns portable and more low-key

There is a standard pod mod that's generally compatible with vape juices that are salt-based. It generally has a fixed output level. This means that devices are generally smaller, and usually fit well in one's pocket.


Salt-based vape juices give a great boost to the overall vaping experience. Aside from the hit being strong and similar to what cigarette smokers are used to, it allows for a stronger buzz than freebased nicotine. It also lets the vaper go about their vaping in a discreet manner.

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