How Salt-Based and Freebase E-Liquids Vary in Fruitiness -

How Salt-Based and Freebase E-Liquids Vary in Fruitiness

If the different fruit flavours you choose for your e-liquids vary in fruitiness, then it might be possible for the types of nicotine affect this taste as well. One of the best things about collecting fruity flavours is indulging in the refreshing, clean taste reminiscent of having a glass of cold, freshly squeezed juice. Enhancing this feeling and flavour could be done by switching to vape juices with nicotine salts. Here’s how salt-based and free-base e-juice flavours differ and how you can find the sweet spot for your preference.

Freebase and Salt-Based: What’s the Difference? 

Nicotine salts that make up salt-based e-juices are naturally extracted and isolated from the tobacco plant to separate them from other compounds found in tobacco. This gives them an extremely potent and more intense nicotine hit and is best enjoyed in high concentrations. Freebase nicotine is a great option at low concentrations, especially since it gives a rough and harsh-feeling along the windpipe once inhaled. It is chemically modified, which means it may not be compatible with high-output vaping devices.

Factors Contributing to Different Fruity Flavours

There are several factors contributing to the fruitiness of vape e-juice flavours depending on the nicotine type used. 

The Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts affect the body differently from freebase nicotine e-juices. They provide that famous ‘punch’ to the back of the throat upon inhalation. This is different from the harsh sensation the freebase vapes tend to have. This punch is a great kick to have since it creates an intense sensation accompanied by a quick explosion of flavour in the mouth as the vapour is drawn back. Vaping a fruity flavour you once thought was one-dimensional may suddenly take on a more complex and intense flavour when you inhale salt-based nicotine e-juices. 

Mouth to Lung Vaping

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) systems are usually done with pod mods. These systems give the vape user a better and fuller flavour experience by drawing the vapour into the mouth and allowing it to sit on the palate for a short while. Then it’s inhaled into the lungs. These are excellent if you want to experience the juicy flavour for a longer period. 

Pod Systems

If you’re going to use e-juices made with nicotine salts, then you need to invest in pod systems as that’s the only way they are vaped. While they’re readily available on online vape stores and seem similar to box mods that once dominated the vaping industry, these portable devices differ greatly. They don’t make the same thick clouds of smoke many people have learned to associate with vapes, and they’re low output systems that can produce a more nuanced flavour from your vape juices. Pod systems heat the e-liquid up at lower temperatures allow users to experience more subtle flavour notes. 


Whether you enjoy a simple fruity flavour or wish to savour the more subtle flavour notes in your e-juice, there’s a different option for everybody. Choosing between salt-based e-liquids and freebase ones will make a start difference from the get-go. Salt-based nicotine e-juices give you some more flexibility with the kind of flavour you want to achieve through pod systems, mouth-to-lung vaping systems, and in using the salts themselves rather than freebase e-liquids. If you haven’t tried one or the other before and are looking to experiment with your fruity vape flavours, then it’s worth experimenting with!

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