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Our Take on the History of Vaping and E-Liquids: Part 2

Vaping continues to boom in popularity everywhere, and with its growing support comes the need for strict regulations. These restrictions ensure that vaping and e-liquids are perfectly safe for anyone to use, and compared to the long-term impact of traditional cigarette smoking, vaping rose as the next best alternative that offers vapers other pleasures like cloud-chasing.

The UK, for example, takes pride in employing one of the most robust vaping regulations, leaving more opportunities for retailers to sell vape products that meet the industry’s quality standards. For instance, e-liquids must list all the ingredients used and the quantities of their substances, including nicotine. 

E-Liquids in 2003: Single-Use E-Cigarettes 

When vaping first dominated the market with its ingenuity, its humble beginnings started as slim, single-use e-cigarettes that look like a modernised replica of a typical tobacco-filled cigarette. It contained a limited amount of e-liquid that users couldn’t refill, so once all the juice dries up and the battery runs out, you would have to throw away the cig-a-likes and buy a new one to continue getting your fix. 

E-liquids back then wasn’t as exciting compared to the colourful creations now as it did little to impress with their vapour and flavour profile, though it still understandably took off in the market for its novel concept. Consumers grow with the times, though, and as technology advances, so makes the demand for a better vaping experience. 

Moving Forward: The Second Generation of E-Liquids

Throwing away vape devices was wasteful, plus the lack of enticing flavours prompted manufacturers to play around with nicotine levels and more palatable juices. With that in mind, the need for more variety paved the way for vape kits, a classic moddable device with tanks that allow users to refill their favourite e-liquids whenever the mood strikes. 

The diversification and invention of vape tanks pushed the industry to experiment with differently flavoured e-liquids and adjust the juice’s PG:VG ratio. As vaping becomes more customisable, vapers can now experience vaping tailored to their specific preferences—be it to chase flavour with a higher VG content or go for more PG to produce more massive clouds. 

E-Liquids: What We Know Today 

The rise of vape tanks and more e-liquid flavours took vaping’s popularity to the next level, and the higher momentum pushed the creation of the pod kit and nicotine salts. Heavy chain smokers often lacked the satisfying hit even with juices that have 24mg strength; that’s why nicotine salts came into fruition and took the whole vaping experience to greater heights.

Game-changing brands like Juul facilitate a new way of vaping—more portable, visually striking, easy to use, and delivers nicotine harder, faster, and smoother.

The Bottom Line: Vaping and E-Liquids Continue to Improve Now and in the Future

Vaping continues to find ways to evolve and provide a personalised experience for vapers, so beginners and seasoned users alike can build a community where anyone enjoys a satisfying hit to their liking. The only question for the development of vaping and e-liquids is: where to next?

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