Vape Juice: Here’s What to Know as You Make Selections -

Vape Juice: Here’s What to Know as You Make Selections

Not too long ago, vapers who used electronic cigarettes did not have too many options in terms of e-juice. Sometimes also referred to as e-liquid, e-juice is a vital piece of the entire vaping experience. Do-it-yourself (DIY) or modding aside, the only options were high-PG e-juices or cigalikes' cartridges. With the growing popularity of vaping globally, the choices have gone from very little to practically endless.

Know the Basics

Today, options range from high PG and high VG to freebase and nicotine salts. These are important terms to know when it comes to starting out in using vape:

  • DTL - When a person uses this vaping method, the vapour goes directly to the lungs. This is quite different from MTL, wherein the vapour is held in the mouth for a bit with each hit.
  • Hybrid e-liquids - These have freebase nicotine and nicotine salts combined in them. This is where their name, hybrid, stems from.
  • MTL - Mouth to lung is all about vapour being drawn into the mouth. It stays there briefly before it ends up in the lungs.
  • Nicotine salts - These e-liquids are generally made with salts found in tobacco leaves. The throat hit from these is much smoother than its equivalents. Eliquids made without nicotine salts are generally referred to as freebase liquid.
  • PG - Short for propylene glycol, this gives a stronger throat hit when used in e-liquid.
  • VG - This is the abbreviation for vegetable glycerin. It's much thicker than PG, slightly sweeter and creates a throat hit that's decidedly smoother.

Pick the Right Flavour

Flavours are a whole other story. If it's a flavour that can be extracted, there's likely an e-juice equivalent. This is another perk that draws people into vape: experiences can be personalised in a detailed way. On the other hand, people who are just beginning their journey into the vaping world can likely end up confuddled by all the juice flavours available.

Pick the Vape Juice That's Best for Your Needs

Not all vape juice are the same; since the options are practically endless, it’s easy to be intimidated by the number of choices. However, you have to pick the vape juice suitable for your needs.

Smokers that do light cigarettes or don't go through a pack daily will benefit from e-juice with lower nicotine content (anywhere from 0.6% to 1.2%). Heavier smokers, on the other hand, need e-juice with 2% or more nicotine content.

Striking the right balance is key, because going too low will deliver an unsatisfying experience. Nicotine content that's too high, on the other hand, will lead to nicotine overload. The latter is symbolised by some rather unpleasant symptoms like dizziness, headache, nausea or an increased heart rate.

Those looking for cigalikes or something that's close to the traditional cigarette smoking experience will benefit from a higher PG liquid or a pod system. You can experience smoother throat hits through e-juice with higher VG. Meanwhile, stronger throat hits can be achieved through higher PG.


Vape juice has come a long way from the early days of little to no flavours being available. Today, the options are practically endless from menthol and fruity to flowery and more. When picking an e-juice, take personal preferences into account.

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