How to Avoid Weird-Tasting E-Juice in 5 Practical Tips - Our Guide -

How to Avoid Weird-Tasting E-Juice in 5 Practical Tips - Our Guide

No one likes vaping a weird-tasting e-juice since it can ruin any session. Unfortunately, you and your vaping mates may have already gone through this at least once or twice without knowing what the cause may be. But don't worry! We have just the information you need to make sure that you no longer have awkward vape sessions with any weird-tasting e-juices. 

This article will provide you with five practical tips to avoid any weird e-juices. Take this as an opportunity to become more experienced in vaping and be prepared for any spontaneous vaping session. 

  • Always clean your atomiser 
  • You can experience a bitter, weird taste when you load your e-cig with a dirty atomiser. This is because of the contaminant buildup that can accumulate in the coil. Fortunately, you can avoid any complications with your atomiser if you clean it regularly. Don't forget to use the appropriate cleaning supplies, like the IQOS Cotton Cleaning Sticks, to avoid damaging the fragile components of your e-cig. 

  • Take a break from vaping when you are sick 
  • Your condition plays a vital role in your vaping session because you may not get the best results when you are either dehydrated or have a hard time breathing. For instance, you may not be able to pick up on the more fruity taste of certain e-juices. That is why you shouldn't force yourself into any vaping session when you are sick. And remember to clean your e-cig to avoid picking up any bacteria or virus during your vape session. 

  • Choose an ideal e-juice that you like
  • You aren't going to like every e-juice that you use, and that's perfectly understandable! Everyone in your vaping circle has different tastes and preferences. However, you may not have found your favourite e-juice because you haven't tried other flavours that you might like. That's why you should be mindful of the e-juices that you buy. Use the e-juice purchase categories to your advantage!

  • Practice good e-juice storage management
  • Your e-juice collection may have a mix of exciting flavours, but they can leave you with a weird taste every single vape session if you don't store them properly. The thing is that your e-juice's favour can quickly get saturated if you leave it exposed to sunlight. That's why you should always keep your e-juices in a secure, dry place. You can also place them in your pocket or bag in case of a spontaneous vape session. Don't forget to also ask your vape shop what the expiration dates are of each e-juice you purchase to avoid any awkward vaping sessions.  

  • Take the time to adjust to the new nicotine level
  • You might not like the nicotine level in your e-juice if you had recently increased the level. For instance, you may be trying a higher nicotine content e-juice that leaves a burnt-like or bitter aftertaste. But don't worry, you just need to let your taste buds adjust to the bitter taste. You may also not like the higher nicotine levels, which is also alright. Take the time to acclimate yourself to the new nicotine level and try milder levels to ensure that you have the best vaping session. 

    Learn more about vape session essentials!

    You need to learn more about vaping to ensure that each session holds up to your high expectations. Fortunately, you can easily access our blog to become familiar with all things vape. That way, you can become a well-seasoned vaper and also be a valuable source of tips among your vaping mates. 


    Experiencing weird-tasting e-juices may dampen your vaping session, but now you know exactly what to do to avoid that. You also have access to the best information to ensure that you and your mates can always have the best vaping session. Remember all the formerly mentioned tips and find the best e-juices today!

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