How to Ensure Your Coils Last Long and Don't Produce Dry Hits -

How to Ensure Your Coils Last Long and Don't Produce Dry Hits

What is a vape lover's worst nightmare? Other than running out of battery charge halfway through a drag, it would probably be taking a drag and getting nothing but burnt flavours. When this happens, chances are the coils have already burnt out and need to be replaced.

That being said, the coil is one of the most vital parts of the vape device, and it is what experiences the most amount of stress. You need to take the utmost care of this component to get the best vape experience, especially if you do not want to end up with dry hits or have to replace it more often than you would like.

With that in mind, here is how you can make the most out of your coils!

1. Do not chain vape

While chain vaping might give you the vaping experience you are looking for, doing so is not good for the coils. That is because when you vape too often too quickly, not enough liquid can saturate the wick, putting it at risk of burning. This can lead to dry hits that can seriously hurt your vaping experience.

Having said that, if you have fallen into the habit of chain vaping, it is recommended that you should slow down to save your coils and vaping experience. If you are unsure whether you are vaping too often, pay attention to the flavours the next time you take a drag. If you find the flavours not as pronounced, the wick has probably dried out, leading to dry hits.

2. Prime the coils

Priming the coils is something you should do when you use a brand new set of coils. To do it, you need to pour a bit of e-liquid onto the coil, allowing it to thoroughly absorb the juice to prevent dry hits. After that, you should also take some primer puffs. Simply take a drag like usual, but with the device turned off. This pulls the e-liquid deeper into the wick, further saturating it. Remember to puff only a few times to avoid oversaturating the coils.

3. Keep the tank full

When your tank runs out, there will be no more e-liquid left to saturate the coils. This can also lead to undersaturated coils, even if there is a tiny bit of liquid left. For that reason, be sure to keep the tanks topped off as much as possible to ensure full coverage.

If you want to replace the e-liquid, you should drain it. Just do not forget to top it back up again to ensure maximum saturation.

4. Lower the power setting

If you like to set your vape device on high, you need to be careful because it can lead to the coils burning out too quickly. However, setting it too low can lead to flooded coils. Many manufacturers provide ideal power settings for optimal use, but these will generally serve only as a guideline. You can test and see which power settings satisfy your needs the most, but be sure to consider the coil's resistance to find the right wattage.


If you have been dealing with dry hits, burnt coils, and other related issues, remember to follow the tips we have shared with you. That way, you can help reduce the dry hits that you experience and increase the overall lifespan of your coils, essentially saving you plenty of money to purchase more e-liquids!

Some tips may be a little harder to follow, such as trying to stop chain vaping, but we assure you that these will be beneficial on your wallet and ensure you never have to deal with dry hits.

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