How to Deal with Dry Hits: What You Need to Know -

How to Deal with Dry Hits: What You Need to Know

Dry hits: if there’s any term that’s going to cause any vaper to shudder and have themselves clearing their throats at a mere mention, this is definitely it.

Whether you’re a beginner to the vaping world or a long-term veteran, you’re definitely quite familiar with the term in question because of how much of a common topic it is. At this rate, you’ve probably experienced this problem a whole lot more than you would like to after having a bad rip, a bad session, or a bit of a set-up-related problem.

Over time, you probably think that you know dry hits well enough to avoid them just based on your experience. However, after some period, you may end up dealing with a nasty hit that comes out of nowhere, just when you thought you were finally immune to the issue.

Seeing that even the most established vaping veterans end up getting stumped by dry hits, it’s clear that not all vapers know enough about this problem as well as they should. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to circumvent the issue at hand because a little education goes a long way.

What are dry hits?

You know how you take a puff after you load up your cartridge or tank with some great juice and suddenly feel like your throat is burning a second later? Well, that’s what a dry hit feels like.

Dry hits are a vaping error that makes your throat feel like it’s been scratched with sandpaper. This particular feeling of having a “throat sent straight to hell” is attributed to the fact that dry hits cause a surge of uncontrolled and dry (hence the name) heat push through into one’s airways. Compared to other unpleasant sensations that you can feel throughout your vaping experience, this particular problem stands out the most because of how inconvenient and painful it can be (especially when the pain lingers). 

What causes it?

The main reason dry hits end up happening is when e-liquids don’t wick properly or as thoroughly as they should. Alternatively, this same problem can take place whenever the coil of a tank or cartridge ends up burning through the loaded vape juice too quickly. 

How do you fix it?

If you’ve experienced just how bad a dry hit actually is, then you’re probably looking for a solution that will help you prevent it from happening again. To help ensure that your succeeding hits stay as slick, smooth, and enjoyable as possible in the long run, here are some tips and tricks worth considering: 

Tip #1: Saturate your coil regularly

One of the most important things you need to do when minimising the risk of experiencing dry hits is to keep your coil as saturated as possible at all times. When you saturate things up with a good amount of vape juice, you end up preventing the main causes of the problem without having to do much!

Tip #2: Switch up your vape juice

Another reason vapers experience dry hits is that they’re using the wrong juice, which is a problem that is usually rooted in an imbalanced PG-VG ratio. 

If you’re experiencing this problem more often even after saturating your coils, then the explanation is that your juice has much more VG than PG since the former causes a much longer saturation time. To solve this problem quickly, you can just stock up on some vape juice that has a higher PG content (without sacrificing much-needed VG) by visiting V8PR’s online store and placing your order today!


While there are many different things that you don’t want to experience when you vape, the experience of dealing with dry hits is one thing that sets itself apart as the worst problem you can deal with. By considering this guide, you’ll be able to ensure that you minimise the risk of experiencing it ever again!

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