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4 Tips to Properly Care for and Look After Your Vape Kit

The best tool for a great vaping experience is a well-maintained vaporiser. This ensures that your liquids are vaporised properly and thoroughly, not to mention your money doesn’t go to waste having to spend on new vape devices all the time. 

Since you are reading this, chances are that you’ve either purchased a new vape device to enter the vaping world or simply want to refresh your memory on how to clean your device. Regardless, here is how you can properly look after your vape kit:

1. Clean the coils

The part of the vape device that takes the biggest beating is the coils. They are what heats up your liquids to vaporise them, and if they are full of gunk and residue, they will not vaporise the liquid properly. In fact, if they are filled with gunk, the vaping experience you will get can end up being a horrible one.

As such, if you find that the coils are dirty, you can either clean them with some water or simply replace them. In most cases, we recommend replacing, but you have no access to spare coils, then cleaning them with some water will help improve the experience slightly.

2. Maintain the tank

Although tanks will not last forever, they can last for quite a long time given they are well maintained. This generally revolves around cleaning them once every so often, especially if you start getting a burnt taste from your vape. 

To clean your tank, remove it from the tank and open the tank up. Use clean water to rinse out all the liquid and shake to remove excess water. After that, use a cotton swab to gently clean out the tight spots in the tank, then leave the whole thing to dry before reassembling.

3. Care for the batteries

Without the batteries, your vaporiser is not going to work. It is its source of power, and caring for your batteries is just as important as caring for the rest of the device.

 To care for the batteries, all you need to do is have good battery usage habits. This includes checking the battery for any damages and replacing it if you see anything unusual, using batteries at the right voltage, and not charging the battery when unattended. Note that batteries do not last forever, and if you find them to be running out of charge quicker than normal, replacing them might be your best bet.

4. Purchase a vaporiser case

If you are the clumsy type of individual or just want to make sure that your vaporiser does not die because you dropped it, getting a case for it is a good idea. It is much like buying a case for your phone, and it will protect your vaporiser from things like dings, scratches, and any other damages.

Because vaporisers have unique shapes and sizes, it may take you some time to look for cases that fit them. If you don’t like carrying a case around, we highly recommend vaporisers that are already built to be strong and durable.


 All of these tips will go a long way in helping you protect your device and maintain its lifespan for much longer, ensuring a quality vaping experience every time you take a drag. That being said, none of these tips will compensate for a bad-quality vaporiser, so it is always recommended to spend just a little more to purchase a high-quality vape from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer! Do your research when looking at vape devices and accessories, and only ever purchase from reputable sources.

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